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U.S. military chaplains asked to perform weddings will not be forced to violate their consciences nor the doctrines of their faith — and may decline to officiate nuptials for homosexual couples. The ruling came in a memo from Clifford Stanley, […]

Hundreds of United Methodist clergy are expressing deep concerns over a pledge made by a renegade group of fellow ministers to marry same-sex couples. Their concern is that if the pledge is carried through, the future of the denomination is […]

North Carolina voters have been granted a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman next year. The state Senate has voted 30-16 to approve the measure Tuesday afternoon. State Senator Warren […]

Scotland’s Philip Tartaglia, a senior bishop in the Catholic church, says that any government which legalizes gay marriage is committing “cultural vandalism.” The Bishop of Paisley said that any such move by Scottish legislators would “shame Scotland in the eyes of […]

Not everybody’s delighted with the New York state legislature’s controversial same-sex marriage law, particularly some of the Big Apple’s ethnic neighborhoods, writes Dan Bilefsky in the New York Times. “The legalization of same-sex marriage in New York State has been […]

Homosexual activist Lair Scott has initiated a petition that seeks to persuade the children’s program “Sesame Street” to “let Bert and Ernie get married,” reports Kelly Boggs in a commentary for Baptist Press. “For the uninitiated,” writes Boggs, “Bert and Ernie […]

“When same-sex marriage bill was passed by New York State Legislature on June 24, it apparently did not put an end to the gay marriage battle,” reports the International Business Times.  “If anything, it added coals to the fire. Once […]

Cardinal Robert Sarah has warned that priests who fail in their duty to oppose the breakdown of morality in modern society, particularly abortion and anti-family policies, will receive the condemnation of God. The African cardinal is president of the Pontifical […]

A New York citizens group is challenging the state’s new law legalizing same-sex marriage, claiming improper procedure and back room payoffs should render the law “null and void.” In a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of the State of […]

Beliefnet’s John Kennedy reports a website in support of gay marriage in Minnesota has come out with a new vulgar video in which actors mock and slander Christians and even shows two young boys kissing each other.   The purpose of […]