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“Whether as a conduit for government policy or the headquarters for insurgencies, mosques have always played an important political role in political events,” writes David E. Miller in the Jerusalem Post. “But the Arab Spring is playing havoc with the […]

By Eunice Yoon, CNN Beijing, China – The congregants were seated in rows of folding chairs, clasping their hands in prayer or studying passages in their Bibles. The choir was sitting up front ready to sing on cue. A cross […]

Arab dissidents who have used the internet to organize street protests have encountered “astounding” levels of intimidation and arrest since the onset of the Arab Spring, according to a study by Harvard University. Researchers also found that new regimes, such as […]

Students have a right to question “evolutionary pseudo-science” and “evolutionary dogma,” according to the “Question Evolution” campaign and should be encouraged to do so, says Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. The coalition is offering  brochures, caps and t-shirts announcing kids’ opposition […]

“Here we go again,” writes Beliefnet’s Jay Sekulow. “An atheist organization files a federal lawsuit. They are offended. This time the target: a Cross placed at the World Trace Center Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero. It is unbelievable that […]

“In a breathless expose , CNN has revealed the shocking news that the U.S. Air Force has used the faith practiced by four out of five Americans to teach ethics to U.S. airmen,” reports Beliefnet’s On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars. […]

Seven of eight Forsyth County, North Carolina, commissioners say they will accept an offer from group of Christian attorneys to fight this week’s ban on praying in “Jesus’ name” all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Commissioners Dave Plyler, Everette Witherspoon and Richard […]

China’s estimated 485 million Internet users include 195 million Twitter “tweeters” and other social network “microbloggers,” reports Caixin Weekly, a Chinese business magazine. But how long will the government — which tightly controls Chinese society — allow such freedom of expression? […]

Beliefnet’s Jay Sekulow reports that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is about to overturn a controversial city ordinance. Sekulow, the chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, has been fighting the law and writes: I wanted to bring you an update […]

Wheaton College  in Chicago’s west suburbs has been ranked for the second time in three years as the least “LGBT-friendly college” in America, according to the Princeton Review. LGBT means “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual.”  Wheaton also made the publication’s list of […]