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High schooler sues, says Constitution allows him to defend Christian morality in class

A Michigan high schooler has filed a suit saying his Constitutional rights were violated when an Economics teacher kicked him out of class for disagreeing with the teacher about the homosexual lifestyle.

Daniel Glowaki

The Thomas More Law Center has filed a complaint saying Daniel Glowacki, a junior at Howell High School, was treated unfairly after instructor Johnson McDowell, wearing a pro-gay rights T-shirt, asked the teen his opinion — then sent the boy to the principal’s office for stating that same-gender sexual relations are contrary to his Christian beliefs.


The incident occurred on October 20, 2010, when McDowell wore a purple “Tyler’s Army” shirt to class in solidarity with a national campaign promoted by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation calling for the end of “bullying” of homosexual students.

“In cooperation with the National Education Association, the Minnesota Education Association and the Howell Education Association, and in furtherance of the national agenda of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,” complains the law center on Daniel’s behalf, “the school district permitted the celebration of ‘Spirit Day’ at Howell High School. On Spirit Day, people who support the acceptance of homosexuality wear the color purple. In fact, the School District permitted its teachers to sell purple t-shirts with the slogan ‘Tyler’s Army’ to students and teachers to promote the 2010 Spirit Day. ‘Tyler’s Army’ is a reference to college student Tyler Clementi who committed suicide after a video of him having sex with another male student in his dorm room was posted on the Internet.


“Rather than teach academic courses that day,” complains the law center, “McDowell decided to spend the entire day promoting this national pro-homosexual agenda, which included showing his classes a video concerning such ‘bullying.'”

The complaint alleges the teacher started his presentation by ordering a student in Daniel’s classroom to remove her Confederate flag belt buckle because he was “offended by it.”

Daniel spoke up in that student’s defense, saying the teacher was being hypocritical — promoting a message that might be offensive to students, while barring students from wearing clothing that expresses beliefs offensive to the teacher.

According to the lawsuit, Daniel was asked by the teacher about his feelings on homosexuals. The teen responded that as a Catholic he was offended by the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Because of his answer, Daniel was ordered to leave the classroom under threat of suspension.


Richard Thompson

“After ordering Daniel to leave the classroom,” says he law firm, “McDowell asked the remainder of the class whether anyone else did not accept homosexuality. A student raised his hand, and McDowell ordered him out of the classroom as well. In this case, the teacher became the bully, and the students who opposed his homosexual agenda became his victims.

“As news of the incident spread, homosexual activists across the country hailed McDowell as a hero and vilified Daniel and his family, as ‘bigots,’ calling Daniel’s religious objections to the homosexual agenda ‘hate’ speech. McDowell is head of the school’s teachers union. The Michigan Education Association, the state teachers’ union, supported McDowell’s actions.”


National lesbian TV host, Ellen DeGeneres got in on the anti-Glowacki campaign. Daniel even became the subject of a school assembly. A 14-year old openly gay student who supported the teacher at a subsequent school board meeting appeared on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss his speech. The student was rewarded with a $10,000 academic scholarship by a digital media company.

“Rather than teach the required Economics curriculum for which he is paid,” said Thomas More Law Center president Richard Thompson. “McDowell, with the full knowledge of school officials, used his position of authority to promote his homosexual agenda at taxpayer’s expense.” 


“Homosexual activists with the willing and complicit support of public school districts and teachers’ unions throughout the country, are using our public schools to foist their destructive agenda on our children, thereby creating a hostile learning environment for those students who oppose this agenda on religious and moral grounds,” said attorney Robert Muise, who is handling Daniel’s case. “This case is just one example of the pernicious effect these activists are having on our students and in our community.  We intend to stop it.”

“The lawsuit, filed in the federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan,” writes Kathleen Gilbert for LifeSiteNews, “claims that Daniel’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech and equal protection were violated by the policies and actions of the school district and McDowell. Among other things, the lawsuit seeks nominal damages, a declaration that the school policies and actions violate the Constitution, and injunction to prohibit further constitutional violations.”


“This case points out the outrageous way in which homosexual activists have turned our public schools into indoctrination centers,” said Thompson. He said by utilizing the tyranny of political correctness, homosexual activists “are seeking to eradicate all religious and moral opposition to their agenda.”

Robert Muise

If students and staff can be intimidated into silence, the pro-homosexuality agenda can be presented undebated and unopposed, said Thompson. That situation already exists in high schools across America, he said. It constitutes child abuse and should be treated as such, he said.


“It defies common sense,” says Thompson, “for schools to ban all sorts of unhealthy foods while at the same time promoting the homosexual lifestyle, which hard statistics show increases drug abuse, suicides and reduces the life expectancies by several years. Schools that promote such lifestyles are engaging in a form of child abuse.”

“We intend to stop it,” said Muise.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment JimO

    Daniel should be able to offer his opinion, without punitive recrimination, just as the teacher was able to offer his. The teacher, being in a position of power, used that position to bully and punish the student in his legal expression of free speech. This is very akin to the kind of child abuse people in positions of authority use on their victims. I see no difference.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Deborah

    I’m astonished at the arrogance of the people in charge of educating our children. I’m also amazingly proud of the two students who had the courage to stand up for their faith and The Truth. God bless your efforts and please keep us posted on the outcome.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Nancy

    I hope this is one suit that goes to the end, in favor of the student. If as Christians we condone homosexuality we will answer for it to God, I for one do not want to have God disappointed in me because of political correctness. Who does that teacher think he is anyway. He should be fired because he should set an example for how kids should not be bullies which is such a detrimental problemin schools. So to the student GOOD LUCK AND GOOD FOR STICKING YOUR CONVICTIONS. Bullying gays is another social issue and real Christians do not partake, if so, they are obviously not God fearing…. but saying it is wrong and God forbids it is not gaybashing. God is not a bully and there are reason we do not understand (some anyway) He says do not, then you better not.

  • http://N/A Laurence Charles Ringo

    It will indeed be interesting to see how this case turn;I’m of the opinion that one need not agree with the worldviews of all and sundry;that’s what Constitutionally-protected free speech entails.If the teacher had’nt expected a different answer to his question,he should not have asked it.Unless we are being led to believe that our schools curriculums include the policing of our children’s thought lives and the suppression of speech not particularly disruptive of regular classroom activities,this student has every right to render his asked opinion of same-sex actions.Frankly,this”teacher”simply failed as a teacher;bullying should have no place in any attempts to”change hearts and minds”,so to speak.I should hope that the day will come when,if nothing else,we all can agree to disagree-Peace & Love in Christ.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ann Patterson

    Mentioning ANYTHING is a sin is an offense to the sinner, just as Jesus stated the world hated Him and His cross was an offense
    to the world. Still His death on the cross
    frees ANYONE who will believe. I am so sorry for the unbelieving teacher.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Elaine Callum

    Thanks for your decision. This country was built on the Word of God. We have not yet seen the devastation of Sadom and Gormaro that will be taking place in this society. We are talking about the earthquake and rain; we better be prepared for what is going to have in the USA when GOD lifts his hand. Just remember his return will be here. God’s blessings be yours

  • Catherine

    Thank you for representing this young man and his family, and really all Christians who desire to uphold and speak up respectfully against the homosexual lifestyle.

    However that can’t possibly be a photo of Daniel Glowaki…he appears in the NOM video (link attached) and that looks nothing like him. Can you correct it?

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