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Students at more than 1,200 schools to participate in October 18 day of silence

Kids at 1,231 schools and colleges have taken a vow of silence on October 18 — as they stand in solidarity with unborn kids in danger of being aborted.

Many will go to school wearing a piece of red duct tape over their mouths. Where did such an idea come from? Here’s a video giving a bit of history:

YouTube Preview Image

Others will wear red armbands and carry fliers explaining why they are silent — educating others about the plight of the innocent children lost every day.

“One girl wrote in to the Day of Silent Solidarity team last year, saying that when she arrived at school, a fellow student came up to her and said she was wasting her time and that no one would listen to her. ‘All I did was nod,’ wrote the student, ‘and gave her the paper [flyer],’ at which point she ‘threw it at me.'” reports Jeremy Kryn for LifeSiteNews:


But when the pro-life student walked away, she said that she saw the other girl pick up the flyer and put it in her pocket. Later that day, she said, “I saw her but her eyes were puffy, then she hugged me and said I was making a huge difference to a lot of girls, and that she was scheduled for an abortion later this week and that she will cancel it.”

The pro-life student concluded saying that she feels “happy to know that not even saying something made such a difference.”

Another student, Lyssa, described how when she entered the school wearing a pro-life t-shirt and the red duct tape, a bunch of students at a nearby table were murmuring about it, and “one of the guys came over with clear duct tape on his mouth, trying to mock me.” But by lunchtime Lyssa had convinced 25 other students to join in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity effort.


What if students run into official resistance at school? Attorneys for the Alliance Defense Fund are encouraging students to contact them for legal backup.  And the organizers are asking any student intending to participate to register at the SilentDay website.

  • quilts

    Great article!Thanks for posting.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Isa Fields

    I am so very proud of you all. I have several female friends who have had abortions without a secon thought when they were young in high school or college, and inevitably it caused them years and years of remorse afterwards in their conscience, even the ones who were not particularly religious. So maybe you can spare some women from going through the same hell, so I thank you all!!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Georgeann

    May God bless each and every student who has the courage to take a stand for LIFE!
    I will be praying with you.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Fred Sayin

    I believe abortion violates the rights of the future child under the Declaration of Independence: “…life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. Also when does life begin? One draws a line- extreme left at birth- extreme right- at delivery. I say why not find a middle ground and for me that is when the heart starts beating means it is a live person. This idea came to me- if a drunk driver knocked me a 45 year old male unconscious what are the first two items a first responder will check? Breathing and circulation- heartbeat (pulse). So if I have a “pulse” (heartbeat) after a serious
    accident shouldn’t it be the same with the birthing process- heartbeat in the mother’s belly.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Fred Sayin

    Pretend any or all of the following people had been aborted as babies thus did not exist: George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Patrick Henry would we have the United States of America as it is now? How about Alexander Graham Bell- would our society have the phone and now especially the cell phone? True another person could develop the idea or concept- however would they have the courage to step forward and explain the idea. Another good historical person is Henry Ford- would we know the car as it is today? I want to ask the whole United States which is the more important historical to us: A. Declaration of Independence B. Constituition or C. Both equally important . Answer either “A” or “C”. Without the Declaration there would be no Constitution as this area would still under England’s rule. A future child doesn’t have the freedom of liberty to have joy in making decisions like making friends and/or they don’t have the right of “pursuit of happiness” such as being loved by family and friends or making acheivements like graduating from school or earning the Eagle rank in Boy Scouts?

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