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Goddess worshipers cite Barry Lynn, blast Christian prayer campaign for America

A group that says it represents the District of Columbia’s pagan community is upset that a group of Christians is praying for America.

In a press release distributed Friday, the group expressed concern that Christians are petitioning the Almighty, ” targeting Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Druids, Heathens, and other Goddess-worshipers nationwide,” according to their press release.

Barry Lynn (Photo by Bob Geary)


In response, priestesses and priests “will hold a Celebration of the Divine Feminine and Religious Freedom in Lafayette Square Park across from the White House on Sunday, October 30,” said the group on the website

The press release expresses concern about “the New Apostolic Reformation,” which the pagans say is “preaching that all feminine forms of deity are demonic” and praying for 51 days against pagan influences on America.

Furthermore, the Christian group intends to “create a fundamentalist Christian theocracy in the U.S.,” reads the press release.


It then quotes the Rev. Barry Lynn, United Church of Christ minister and executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State as saying:

“Some people think the Dominionists and the New Apostolic Reformation are a newfangled movement. I call them what they are: the Religious Right in a new gown. They’re not fooling anyone. This is the same old bunch of theocrats we’ve been dealing with for more than 40 years. It’s the same crew that believes only its narrow version of Christianity is acceptable and pleasing to God. It’s the same collection of people who believe their religion gives them the right to run everyone else’s lives.”

“I have news for them: Wiccans and Pagans are part of the American religious mosaic, and they’re here to stay. Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison gave us religious liberty – and that means religious liberty for everyone. The followers of nature-based faiths are going to use it because they don’t want to lose it. What could be more in keeping with the great American tradition?”


The event in Lafayette Square Park will take place on “Samhain eve” — the day before Halloween, which the press release says is “one of the most holy days of the Pagan year. Samhain, or Halloween, is the Feast of the Ancestors in some of our Pagan religions. We will invoke the Founding Fathers and Mothers of our nation during our ceremony, along with a multitude of Goddesses from pantheons both ancient and modern.”


  • Makarios

    Have you done even the slightest bit of background research on this? Didn’t think so. The Pagan community (capital P, please) is NOT ‘upset that a group of Christians is praying for America.’ They are concerned that a group of fanatics are waging a malicious campaign to attempt to turn the United States into a theocracy. Check out for particulars.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment shirley

    it disturbs me, being Pagen, that any of us would bother with polotics-negativity should be avoided (sticks and stones) as we are not of beliefs to push our beliefs on others, rather simply accept them into the fold.seeing negative news from ‘my side’disturbs the basic peace and tranquility with my beliefs

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jimheffner

    ‘and it harm none, do what you will’

    I really like Barry’s tie; it kinda looks like a Jerry Garcia creation. Methinks the apostolic’s dogma is trying to run over my dharma. By the by…….do you ever see any of the apostolics on any of the MENSA sites?

    Military Order of the Pentacle

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment whitebirch

    @Shirley – Pushing our beliefs on others and standing up for our right to even have our beliefs are not the same thing. These protesters aren’t trying to convert anyone, they’re resisting a pretty strongly worded attempt by others to convert US. I’d far rather be involved in politics now (negativity and all) than lose my freedom to do so later. Personally, I think not being involved is closing your eyes to reality and coasting on others’ hard work for your freedom. If you’re comfortable living like that, it’s your life, but I wouldn’t be.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Morgana

    As a northern Shenandoah Valley witch/pagan, I’m not upset that Christians are “praying.” I’m upset that they are “praying” to be rid of us. I would like to remind all of you that I, too, am an American.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jeff

    I don’t know the particulars of the prayer campaign, but I would hope that the prayers are not “to be rid of [you].” That wouldn’t be a Christian attitude. If I may paraphrase 1 Corinthians 13:1…if Christians are doing something without a motivation of love for others, they’re just shouting empty words, making a lot of useless noise.

    I’ll agree that, like other major religions, many terrible things have been done in the name of Christianity. I’ll also agree that many Christians act without love. It would be wrong, though, to label all Christians as {fill in your favorite epithet here}…much like an earlier insinuation that all Christians are thick-headed because they aren’t seen “on any of the MENSA sites.”

    I think there’s so much animosity toward Christians in this area of “pushing beliefs on others.” Many see it, I believe, as an attitude of, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” or something similar. It’s really not that at all. Anyone acting in that way, again, is not acting on behalf of Christ. It’s more like this, to borrow a phrase from a popular radio minister…”I’m just one beggar telling another where to find bread.” We don’t consider ourselves better or smarter than anyone else…we just feel blessed to have a relationship with the creator of all things, and want to share that gift with others.

  • Ketzirah

    I’m fascinated by your tone in this article. People aren’t upset that Christians are praying for America. This group lead by Barry Lynn is waging a hate war against any and all who believe differently than they do. They are waging a “prayer war,” not praying for America.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Sherry M.

    I attended this event in DC on October 30. I did not hear any mention of, or objection to, Christians praying for America. The event was not a protest, it was a celebration. In fact, it was a pretty standard pan-Pagan ritual, with invocations of and prayers to Goddesses from around the world and from ancient to modern times, with lots of singing and drumming and a spiral dance. I heard a lot about religious freedom, including the freedom to pray to any deity/ies one chooses, or not if that is one’s choice. It all seemed pretty patriotic and in keeping with the Founders’ determination to avoid the establishment of a state religion.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    Wish I could have attended.

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