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ACLU fights Oklahoma ban on Islamic law; Muslim group supports Michigan ban

The battle over Muslim shari’ah law in American has taken some unexpected turns.

As might be expected, the American Civil Liberties Union — which predictably takes up any and all anti-Christian causes — is suing the state of Oklahoma in support of the enforcement of Islamic law in the Sooner State.  The ACLU’s partner in the suit is CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has been tied to terrorist groups.

However, completely unexpected is the American Islamic Leadership Conference’s support of a Michigan bill that would prevent state judges from utilizing foreign laws. This, to the surprise of some, would include Sharia law. This group, comprised of Muslim adherents, is opposed do any state court decisions that would conflict with American law. In an official release, the group writes:


As American Muslims, we believe that the law should treat people of all faiths equally, while protecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike from extremist attempts to use the legal instrument of shari‘ah (also known as Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh) to incubate, within the West, a highly politicized and dangerous understanding of Islam that is generally known as “Islamism,” or “radical Islam.”

In the statement, the group also claims that it sees no problem with the law and that it will not, as some would likely charge, hamper the rights of Muslims. Additionally, the AILC opposes the “fear mongering” it claims more radical groups are undertaking here in America, writing:

As American Muslims we are conscious of the fact that Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups and other Islamists and their surrogates in the U.S. are trying their best to portray any opposition to manifestations of shari‘ah law as “racism” and “discrimination against Muslims.”


In Oklahoma, courts are debating whether voters had the right to ban shari’ah law. A 2010 ballot initiative put a stop to considerations of Islamic laws in making state court decisions. The measure, which passed by a 70 percent margin.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Aaron Wikkerink

    so the
    Files another lawsuit to reduce the effectiveness of christians everywhere..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Fortunato; Jr

    The Muslim faith should condemn all the Terrorist activties that are taken place in Israel today instead of supporting it. The world is sick of all the injustices carried out in the name of God, who is obviously displeased with the Human ‘Bombs’ that occur constantly. This is not God’s work but the other evil being. I warn you all world-wide Muslims, true Christians will never stand by and just let this carry-on forever. The crusades happened That’s all in the past and will start again! Stop being unreasonable and see the light buddy-boyo or you will face the wrath of God. I would never want to know anything about y’alls religion, never. It’s a horrible, degenerate way to see our world. You need to start considering the possibility of the true light of God, and the path to the Eternal One or face the consequences. That’s all.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Melody

    Stop trying to make laws of other lands stick to our land. It is like fly-paper. All you attract is flies and maggots.

    Next we’ll all be bowing to a cow crossing the street, and worshipping totem poles.

    As much as people love to throw the Constitution around as God’s law, it is not. There is a lot in the Constitution (and in the misinterpretation of the Constitution) that does not abide by the Christian God (Triune Godhead) laws. And this is the problem in this country. The law of the land should be only God’s laws. And when you make room for false faiths, this is what you get.

    Consecrate this Country to the True God, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, and make Christianity the law of the land. Then you have a leg to stand on.

    What do you think Communist China does? Try going over there and telling them the U.S. Constitution should be imposed, and you will face the firing squad. Try telling Communist Russia or North Korea the same, and see how long it is before you have your blindfold and last cigarette. Try eating a McDonald’s hamburger in the town square in the middle of Bombay, India while their sacred cow walks by, and see if you still have a tongue in your mouth by the end of the day.

    Only in the U.S. do we tolerate the ACLU and people of their ilk, and only in the U.S. do we have these cockroaches running our lives. And only in the U.S. does the blood shed by our forefathers mean absolutely nothing anymore.

    You made your bed, now lay in it.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Annette Ramos

    Let us be loving and tolent of others and their faith but even traditional nun habits show facial features. So lets pray that the Muslims extreme realize that this is a security issue that they need to address by altering their practice with exception when on American soil and territories. I personally want to strive for world peace.

  • http://GoodforMichigan! Cate

    The ACLU doesn’t have AClue, These people come into this country and appear to be good citizens, but their actions have nothing to do with religion per say. Many,(myself included)believe that when the”call” comes to rise up, they will try to overtake this country. They will stop at nothing.What kind of religion tells you to hate, kill, have no respect for human life, nor any forgiveness for perceived misstep? Only Satan has such rules.

  • http://GoodforMichigan! Cate

    This is America. Founded on Christian-Judeo laws. Many believe that the Mulims in this country tend to blend in with the populace, but many others believe that when the call comes, they will all rise up to force Islam on this country. It stands to reason that a “religion” that promotes hatred, killing, and no regard for human life, strapping bombs on women and children to gain their goals, is the religion of Satan.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Luckysue

    I have just about had enough of the ACLU. I think we as tax payers should have the right, as to what we support. We have elections on some matters , but not all. I think we should be able to not support groups that are against what we stand for as a nation, founded on our CHRISTIAN beleives! The intruders came to our country , not us coming to theirs. I am sure the women of these faiths, thought , Oh My God, maybe I won’t be stoned today, or I can get rid of this 5lbs of clothing I am wearing. These people need to be run out of the country, not hugging up to them. I why are all the gas stations being taken over by these people of Muslim relegion? Don’t we own any of them anymore. I mean just because we buy their fuel , does not mean we have’t to sell our gas stations to them. I HAVE HAD IT!

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Heysuess

    You’re right. The ACLU is quick to take up anti-Christian cases. ESPECIALLY the ones that try to inhibit the free expression of those beliefs at non-governmental sites.

    We can’t have that, can we?

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