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Physicists abuzz over new clues to sub-atomic “God particle”

American and Swiss scientists say they may have detected “hints” that the hypothetical sub-atomic “Higgs boson,” which has the nickname “the God particle,” actually exists.

Peter Higgs (Photo courtesy University of Edinburgh)

What is the “God particle?” There’s a lot more inside the atom than protons, electrons and neutrons. For decades, researchers have been proving the existence of quarks, leptons, neutrinos, muons, bosons, hadrons, baryons, mesons, pions and kaons.


The God particle is one of these. Some scientists prefer to call it the “champagne particle” since it has nothing to do with proving anything about the Almighty. It was simply a snappy term to illustrate the effect of what physicists call the “Higgs field.”

The term was coined by physicist Leon Lederman in his 1993 The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?  First hypothesized in 1964, the particle, if discovered, would be a vital missing piece of the model that physicists use to describe elementary particles and their interactions.

In the 1960s physicists began to realize that there are close ties between two of the four fundamental forces in what is called “the Standard Model.” The theory is that electricity, magnetism, light and some types of radioactivity are all manifestations of a single underlying force. However, in order for this theory to work mathematically, it requires that force-carrying particles have no mass.


Physicists including Peter Higgs, Robert Brout and François Englert came up with a solution to solve the riddle — the “God particle.”

However, no one has ever observed the Higgs boson in an experiment to confirm the theory. Now, the world’s largest atom smasher is rumored to have found it — or at least detected “hints” that it exists.

The speculation is based on a leaked internal note, said to be from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider, a 17 mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland.

The rumors started when an anonymous post disclosed part of the note on Columbia University mathematician Peter Woit’s internet blog, “Not Even Wrong.” While some physicists are dismissing the note as a hoax, others say the find could be a huge breakthrough in understanding the workings of the universe.


At the International Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics in Grenoble, France, scientists recently presented some curious data bleeps that could hint at the existence of the particle.

So far, the physicists stated that after conducting particle-smashing tests in the LHC, reaching speeds up to 99.99 percent of the speed of light, they were only able to determine the location the particle was not found, adding that with more tests and more data they would be able to determine whether the particle exists.

  • Anadish Kumar Pal

    However, the particles responsible for gravitation are not hidden inside hadrons to be smashed out, they are everywhere, aren’t they? It’s a total misconception on the part of ‘modern’ scientists to use atom smashers to look for a gravity producing particle. It makes them the ‘modern’ equivalent of the Greek atomists who would grind materials to dust to find the atoms. I have tried to give a cursory chronology of the developments in my research efforts; don’t be too much disappointed by the absence of details or by an absence of neatly painted instruments (and then, the site really is quite like a blog), the details shall be published independently with the publication of my US patent application by the US Patent Office. Although, I feel, even then there would be so much more to explore after our world view change.

    Smashing them is not the ideal way. I leave here another post which may help to clarify:

    “One thing that struck me going through some of the released data is, how stable are the W-/+ and Z bosons anyway? We have a mass with a certain degree of accuracy for both at present but how stable is this state for these bosons? Could they be drifting and we just don’t have enough change in the evolution operator to detect any change to the resonances of the two bosons?”

    The irregularities of the particles responsible for gravity or for giving mass (as you wish) make them very uncertain in terms of their decay. Hence, there are only two ways to detect them (but first produce them somewhere) then detect them by the change of mass (which I did) or to detect them by the so-called ‘gravitational lensing’, although gravitational lensing is much complex than Einstein postulated. Sub quantum detection is anathema for our apparent quantum level knowledge base of the present times.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Christopher Hignite

    It would indeed be interesting if they only knew how close the name ‘God Particle’ is to being true. God is all of the energy in the Universe. God is that energy that is at the root of every atom. Plug that definition into any scientific or theological question and voila, it works every time. With God as this ‘Energy’, science and religion are no longer at odds with each other. In addition, the Bible makes even more sense and suddenly the questions non-believers had disappear.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment yuuki

    of course he exists if he didn’t then neither would we.

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