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Author says his freedom in Jesus allows him to enjoy Harry Potter without apology

Harry Potter is NOT Jesus, writes author Andrew Peterson.

“This story isn’t inspired, at least not in the sense that Scripture is inspired; but because I believe that all truth is God’s truth, that the resurrection is at the heart of the Christian story, and the main character of the Christian story is Christ, because I believe in God the Father, almighty maker of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only begotten son—and because I believe that he inhabits my heart and has adopted me as his son, into his family, his kingdom, his church—I have the freedom to rejoice in the Harry Potter story, because even there, Christ is King.”

In Harry Potter?

“Wherever we see beauty, light, truth, goodness, we see Christ,” writes Peterson. “Do we think him so small that he couldn’t invade a series of books about a boy wizard? Do we think him cut off from a story like this, as if he were afraid, or weak, or worried? Remember when Santa Claus shows up (incongruously) in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? It’s a strange moment, but to my great surprise I’ve been moved by it.


“Lewis reminds me that even Father Christmas is subject to Jesus, just as in Prince Caspianthe hosts of mythology are subject to him. The Harry Potter story is subject to him, too, and Jesus can use it however he wants. In my case, Jesus used it to help me long for heaven, to remind me of the invisible world, to keep my imagination active and young, and he used it to show me his holy bravery in his triumph over the grave.

“C.S. Lewis had some strange theological ideas. I still read and love his work. George MacDonald was a universalist. His book are still instructive and beautiful. Tolkien had his own theological failings. After watching the fiery debate over the Harry Potter books, I wonder if any novel, Christian or otherwise, could withstand the theological nitpicking that’s been inflicted on Rowling, either in the work itself or the author’s worldview.


“Of course the books aren’t perfect; of course, in a seven-volume saga, there will be inconsistencies, theological inaccuracies, moments of inconsistency; of course Rowling’s worldview isn’t going to align perfectly with yours. If you only read books that met those criteria your list would be short indeed.”

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Allan

    When I was a child, I read the RED FAIRY BOOK and the BLUE FAIRY BOOK, and other books based on German and Roman mythology. They did not make me a pagan. I also had Bible story books, catechisms, and other books that gave me a good foundation in the Christian religion. The problem today is not that kids read Harry Potter, but that they are not given a good foundation in Christianity. That is the parents fault.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cmaglaughlin

    If this is the only skeleton in the Peterson’s closet, I’d say he’s a lot further down the gospel road than I. However, since one of MY skeletons IS pointing out OTHER people’s hypocrisy, I can’t help but sadly recall the story of the Rev. Bob Harrington, once self promoted as the “Chaplain of Bourbon Street.” Brother Bob would “minister” the Word to strippers…on the job! When asked, don’t you think that’s like “giving an inch and taking a mile”? He snorted, “Nah, I can handle the temptation. Besides, like Jesus, you’ve got to go where the sinners are.” Not too long after we discovered Bourbon St. Bob left his wife who was dying of cancer and ran off with his secretary, whom he eventually married. (Sound familiar, Newt)? Play with fire, and you WILL eventually get burned, and scar others in the process. You ARE what you eat, and Bob…I KNOW Jesus….and YOU weren’t NO Jesus! Andrew Peterson’s “hanging out with the enemy” is no straight and narrow path, and just might, or most probably already HAS, influenced others to partake of the forbidden fruit, thus watering down their testimony. Watered down drinks just don’t “gitter’ done”…Bourbon St., OR Potterville!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cmaglaughlin

    Grace has no more communion with sin than a diamond with a dunghill.

  • Livingoakheart

    Would grace exist if not for sin? Grace is God’s response to sin, so perhaps a better comparison is a diamond to coal.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    the correct response to grace is to “sin no more” to sin for more grace simply establishes no relationship with Christ.

  • Mutinda Kisio (@YESUmob)

    Let us NOT get mixed up! True followers of Jesus Christ are IN THIS WORLD BUT are not of this World!

    What Spiritual value does a “Harry Porter” story add to a Christians life? How are you growing yourself spiritually by spending time watching Satan’s activities in the form of entertainment!

    God has given us freedom to choose AND we take responsibility for our choices BUT ONCE you have made your choice which clearly is NOT spiritual, WHY THEN do you try to entice others to it! ARE you lonely?

    When you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, this is NOT one of those choices that you can make! It would mean that you have crossed over to the other side! There is NO MIDDLE GROUND! You are either with Jesus or with the other Shepherd!

    Choose and stay with Jesus. Let the Lord speak to you at

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