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Atheists sue Texas governor, demand he skip prayer rally

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) – A national organization focused on ensuring the separation of church and state challenged Wednesday the involvement of Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an upcoming evangelical Christian prayer rally.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking the Southern District Court of Texas in Houston to declare Perry’s connection to a “Day of Prayer and Fasting” unconstitutional and stop any further participation on his part, the foundation said.

Perry’s office says the governor still looks forward to the event.

“He believes it will serve as an important opportunity for Americans to gather together and pray to God,” said Catherine Frazier, deputy press secretary of Perry’s office. “The pending litigation does not affect plans for the prayer event to move forward as planned.”


Perry asked that other governors make a similar proclamation and invite their constituents to join in the day, according to the announcement of the rally.

The lawsuit claims that the event sends a message that nonbelievers are “political outsiders” and that Perry’s actions violate the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from making any law that favors one religion over another.

The foundation charges in its statement that Perry’s connection to the event gives official recognition to a devotional event and tries to encourage people to pray and non-Christians to convert to Christianity.

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  • http://TimetoThrowOuttheTrash!!! Old Salt

    First, as a veteran whose family came from a pro-atheist nation, it is time to throw out the trash! We are a republic and not a democracy – so the majority rules and not some freakish minority.

    If you do not like our morals, then I suggest you pack your sorry and ignorant butts out of my nation, one I fought to defend and prevent from becoming what my family fled from.

    And do not presume to tell me about the Constitution or your rights….your group is a risk to this nation’s moral fabric which is already at the collapse point due to your group, other fair-weather-patriots, fags, freaks and fairies – tough luck if you do not luck being called out for what you are.

    And time to bring back the draft-I want to see what you do when your friend’s or your own lifeblood is pouring out on some distant battlefield – I have seen you and your kind crying out louder than those with a firm foundation in some sort of realistic belief system.

    And as a scientist I challenge each and every case you propose as grounds for saying there is no God or Gods…if that is the case, then we should adopt your values, and in which case making you simply disappear would no longer be immoral or a crime.

    Enough is enough…if one federal dollar has found its way into your organization, we will start whacking away at that and whoever appropriated it publicly. I feel so sorry for you as not to believe in God means you have no compass to judge life or death, right or wrong, or the value of your or any other life-form’s worth in this one of many universes. But I feel sorrier for you to believe that I and my comrades are going to let you shame this nation and our heritage any further with this utter nonsense and disregard for the true tenants of our Constitution. If a man or woman in there own space and time and personal life wants to pray, then your actions have violated the Constitution as in the case of Gov. Perry in a personal not public affair.

    It is time for Christians and all other religious groups (and not some wiki’s or pagan rites which are simply BS) to go political as these freaks have done….find out the source of their funds, cut them off, expose these Congressmen who appropriated funds to this atheist and all other similar groups, and time to take the sword in the hand and take the fight to these obviously anti-American and Christian groups…and seek their expulsion from all future political support, and expose them name-by-name to the general public as they pose a tremendous threat to our way of life and our nation’s future. Without God, we can see the immoral and leftists rise in initial actions like educating our children about homosexually, a point where I will ensure that the teacher of something so disgusting, immoral and plainly anti-civilization feels some real old fashioned America pain and suffering.

    Talk and prayer – time is over….the result of our inaction and prayers has been a nation ready for history’s refuse pile. If you do not have the patriotism or courage to fight for your country, then at least demonstrate some proof of your belief in God in actions and not mere words. Start by writing to your Congressman and threaten, not promise to discover the source of this Congressional funding for anti-social groups as this atheist group attacking Gov. Perry’s rights…time for some Texas justice if our leaders cannot protect our country from its further immoral and unethical decline at the hands of a few freaks who need to find a new place to call home.

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