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Same-sex relations, marriage receive record approval

c. 2011 Religion News Service

(RNS) Nearly two-thirds of Americans say gay or lesbian relations between consenting adults should be legal, the highest percentage ever recorded by Gallup.

Researchers found that 64 percent of American adults supported legal gay relations, which Gallup has included in surveys since 1977.

In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas decision struck down state anti-sodomy laws that had been used to criminalize homosexual activity.

Despite the high rate of support for gay relations, Americans are less likely — 56 percent — to consider them “morally acceptable,” even as that figure is the highest measured since Gallup first asked that question in 2001.


Americans who believe same-sex orientation is inherent are much more likely to think legal gay relations are morally acceptable, with 81 percent approval, compared to just 33 percent who believe a person’s sexual orientation is due to environmental factors.

The same poll, taken May 5-8, found that a majority of Americans (53 percent) supported gay marriage for the first time since Gallup started tracking the issue in 1996.

Catholics are more likely than Protestants to support legal same-sex marriage, and it is also favored more by those who attend church less frequently and people who are unmarried.

The findings, based on telephone interviews of 1,018 adults, have a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    Very interesting and good news too. Yes, cknuck, we know it goes against God’s big plan. :o)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment billy Wingarden

    Despite what we see in the state house battles, the tipping point has been reached.

    the “anything but” christians and the catholic church of the endless hidden molestation of children are going to get their due.

    As America joins almost all of western Europe, Canada, 6 countries in Latin America, 3 in E. Europe, Israel, RSA, Nepal, Au Nz and a few others I have missed, in recognizing gay couples legally under their laws with CUs or marriage (about 50=50 right now

    And there are about a dozen denominations that allow gay pastors in relationships, and some do marriage or committment ceremonies for gay couples.

    The battle is all but over. Despite what you read. As our nation becomes not AmeriKKKa but America.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    It’s a belief nothing more certsinly doesn’t make it right people are apt to believe anything as we see everyday. There still is no science backing the belief nor does the bible.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Leslie

    Can hardly wait for Gallup to start polling on the cause of heterosexuality, whether it is morally acceptable, if and what behaviors should be legal.

    Findings should be surprising. Wonder which ‘environmental factors’ might be changed or outlawed in the future.

    Then there is that group of asexual individuals. What can be done with them to ‘help’ make up their minds and make the rest of us feel better, more certain about ourselves?!

    Seriously folks, heterosexuals feel ‘morally acceptable’ because of who they are not. Strange world.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment SirronRex

    It’s hilarious to read comments by deluded Christians who claim there is “no science backing the belief”…all the while touting a book of fairy tales as somehow relevant to any discussion about science, human sexuality, or anything else worthy of intelligent discussion.

    You can keep your book, your religion, and your god. The rest of us will continue to choose reality instead of ancient sources of delusion and wickedness.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment jestrfyl

    Your comments would have more meaning if they actually applied to yourself. So I have a suggestion – lets make a law that the restrictions only apply to ck. Would that be discrimination? Probably. So lets apply it to anyone in ck’s family – still discriminating. How about his church? no – discrimination still applies. The point is, discrimination and the alienization of a single group is not unly unjust – it is illegal.

    The Temple in Jerusalem has fallen and the book of Leviticus is void. Religious prostitution is illegal, so any of those practices condemned by Paul remain condemned because they are idolatrous, not because they are sexual. But Jesus proclaimed the primacy of Love over all other institutions and establishments. Let loving relationships prevail!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    jest still preaching false doctrine and creating laws? lol Homosexuality is a sin so eliminate parts of the bible to condone homosexuality, Paul was clear about homosexuality and it is idolatrous among other things offensive to God. It is idolatry when people crave bodies up to resemble the opposite sex pump them full of artificial hormones to force the body to mimic the shape of the opposite sex, have sex with someone of the same sex to imitate normal heterosexual behavior. That is idolatry even to the point those people put that abnormal sexual activity above God. It God had intended that there would be sexual divinations such as bisexuality, homosexuality, attempts of the impossible sexual reassignment the funniest concept of all, then there would be identification through DNA, hormone, genes or maybe a Q to add to the X and the Y. But of course there is none, none at all no signature of the creator no scientific proof at all, one cannot decide to have a homosexual baby it is not a gender, it is a behavior/practice period.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    BUT, BUT BUT cknuck! If God made “us” in HIS image (or HERS, as the case may be) and made no mistakes because, after all HE (or SHE) is GOD how is it that there are what you consider “mistakes” ie those that happen to have been born to love a person of the same gender? IMO, as I’ve said before—whoever the creator might have been—there were no mistakes made. IYO, homosexuality is a “practice”. Is heterosexuality “a practice” too? Did you choose to be heterosexual or you just are? Do those who are homosexual choosing to live with some religions/people telling them they are sinful or whatever? The mistake is in thinking that one little book has all the answers and that those persons that wrote that book actually knew anything about what the god they were promoting really said or did. The Bible is a promo for a lot of faiths.

    In the words of one of my favorite ministers: “Let loving relationships prevail”. :o)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Henrietta22

    Fifty years ago DNA wasn’t even discussed, except within the medical science depts. DNA is still growing and the connection between it and hormones and other aspects of our physiology and the connections between them. Never say never ck. Time and study keep moving, don’t be left behind. Remember the people believed for many many yrs. that you could fall off the edge of the world.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    pagan I choose to be a sober-minded non-perverse heterosexual everyday over and over. Read the bible it tells you God’s intention for man and woman in the creation story, you won’t find homosexuality that developed with sin.
    H22 your testimony about DNA and hormones only confirmed the facts I have stated over fifty years, billions of dollars later and still no DNA or hormone indicators of homosexuality seals the deal. If there were it would have been discovered especially consider all of the time, money and effort put into discovery.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    cknuck, Having read some of the “creation story” a long time ago, it is facinating, but the problem is—I don’t think a god created us —AND the bible is just that–a book full of stories. So why would I look to it to tell me whether one kind of sexuality or another kind of sexuality is in the big plan? I wouldn’t and don’t. However it obviously floats your boat—and that is fine for you. BTW, I refuse to believe that I, as a woman, was created from the rib of a man. Fiction? yes.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    pagan believe that you are a random bunch of coincident’s a blog of meaningless cells with no other reason to live but your own. If it works for you then hopefully a bunch of people like you don’t start killing other pointless creatures with no bigger purpose and taking what they want because if it is all just an accident why regard or value anyone.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    IMO, cknuck, evolution is a wonderful thing. And by the way, I never have nor do I plan on killing “pointless creatures” unless they are in some way harming me–ants, flies, roaches,etc. in my house, bugs that bite me when outside etc. Humans are not pointless creatures (well some are, but that’s another disccussion) but happen to have evolved into what we are now. How we got to this point is really irrevelant—what we do now that we are here is more important. I expect the original purpose of evolution was perfection of the species—-to make it even more viable and stronger—weaker die, stronger pass on the genes for continuing the species. Life is what it is—-and my purpose is to live it as best I can for my family and to help them and others as much as possible. Love, no matter the gender combination, is what is important. And before you mention it—same gender couples can’t reproduce, but they can still have children. That is not wrong.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    pagan how can evolution have purpose if it is random? And if it is random what gives even humans purpose? If same gender people cannot reproduce how can it be a healthy situation for children? I am so sure you are going to say it is about loving unloved children but how can that be the answer to unloved children without producing even more unloved children by not addressing the real problem? If you rattle off some superficial bs answers built to support homosexuality then you lie. But if you give these questions serious consideration the answers will come hard or maybe not at all.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    Perpetuation of a species isn’t random, it is aimed, as I said, to strengthen the species. BTW, so now I’m a lier. Thanks cknuck—Truth hurts, huh, when the only arguement you can give against same gender relationships is the “the bible tells me so”. (with the music of that little song I learned in SS).
    As to giving love to a child? A child is non-judgemental about the person who truly loves them—no matter whether it is M/F, M/M or F/F. It is people like you who give them the impression there is something “sinful” about the M/M or F/F. I expect you have the same idea about single parents—they need to go out and find an opposite gender person to either marry or replace a dead spouse in order to make sure the child (children) have a M/F (of course,because god said) to raise that child (children). Hope you enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend. I know you served—-is appreciated even though Viet Nam should never have happened, IMO.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cknuck

    why would perpetuation of the species be incorporated into a random accidental creation of life. If it was not random or accidental then your whole evolution theory is threatened by the intelligent design suggestions of your argument. By the way I did not intentionally mean to insult you with the lie comment just trying to demonstrate the impossibility of your premise of a single cell pulling itself out of slime and developing into all of humanity and other species. Also I have much more than religious arguments against homosexuality if you don’t remember them I would be happy to outline them once again.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pagansister

    That’s OK, cknuck. You really don’t need to re-explain your arguements. Think you’ve covered that area well in the past. :o)

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