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Red Cross Stands Ready after Massive Earthquake, Tsunami in Japan

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A massive earthquake registering at 8.9 magnitude hit Japan Friday, causing fires, tsunamis and massive flooding throughout the country. CNN reports that it is the most powerful earthquake in the nation’s last 100 years.
Get breaking news on the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake.
There are estimates that 200 to 300 people are dead with that number expected to rise. The Japan Red Cross is still evaluating the damage, while the American Red Cross is standing by with aid.
Get the latest on disaster relief efforts.

  • pagansister

    Wonder if those folks at the Westboro are cheering this too??? After all, god must be punishing everyone because of homosexual acceptance–even the Japanese!
    My heart goes out to those folks who are still in the middle of the horror—-and will be for some time.

  • cknuck

    pagan your response is sad: Westboro? My group will be mobilizing right away. It was scary along the coast here in the south bay. So many people need help these days miraculously we have been able to help many people and God has blessed our storehouses.

  • Henrietta22

    PS was spot on, the way Westboro treats every catastrophe as punishment because of GLBT. Not sad, but unfortunately, true. Are you going to Japan Ck? Crescent City had reprecussions of a tsunami back in 1994, and docks, boats, and even some people were killed. This is the first time I’ve heard of it affecting farther south on Central Coast though. This is Japans hardest earthquake, ever. I’m concerned for the coastline of CA, and the cities, as a big one is very overdue in this locality.

  • jesushatesskyscrapers

    It’s not only Westboro. Many X-tians gleefully use natural catastrophes as proof of their vengeful god’s righteous judgment. Pat Roberston was practically orgasmic over Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans (He said it was due to the city’s acceptance of homosexuality. Strangely enough, the city’s gay neighborhoods were spared destruction). And let us not forget that the End Times, eagerly awaited by the faithful, are to be proceeded earthquakes, famine, war, etc. Every tremor brings us closer to Jesus’ return – truly sick.

  • cknuck

    H22 if you keep Westboro on the forefront of your conversation it is free publicity, they are wrong but they thrive because people keep them alive even negative publicity is still publicity, even to the point that they were not mentioned in this article but people brought them up.
    jesushates you have the legal right to be ridiculous.

  • cknuck

    H22 we do a lot with water filtration systems in such disasters when drinking water is a big lost. Please join me in prayer for Japan and all points of disaster especially at this time of so many huge natural disasters that are complicated by our man made conveniences. The natural disaster is compounded by nuclear reactor stations and gas refineries and other pollutants that are loosed in these disasters. None of us know when the earth shall past away, if you believe in the bible it states there will be an end, I don’t know if it will be God that destroys the world or man. Many humanist just cannot face the fact that this world is a delicate balancing act of which we (people) contribute are the biggest contributors to it’s destruction. So many dreamers are counting on a last minute solution while they continue to negatively contribute.

  • pagansister

    cknuck: SAD must be the word of the day for me?
    Sticking by my statement. Those who have warped the Christian religion use, as mentioned above, everything Mother Nature throws at us as God’s answer to loving all folks, no matter their sexual orientation.
    As to the world’s end? Not losing sleep over it. If human kind gets it’s act together, which some are trying to do, she will last a long time. As to a divine being having anything to do with it? As mentioned—so think she is already doing so.

  • Henrietta22

    Ck you are right about WBC loving all the publicity they get. It is hard not to mention their extreme beliefs when you want to compare something to them though.
    Edgar Cayce, A Prophet, now deceased, well known all over the world said in his book on Atlantis that it was their vast knowledge of things we have yet to discover that blew them away or caused their Island around Bimmini to sink into the sea. So if it happened to them it could happen to us if we don’t learn by their mistakes.

  • Henrietta22

    Forgot to mention that I read tonight that thousands of people are still missing in the town hit in Japan. It’s good that you are standing ready to help Ck. Everyone should pray for all of Japan, and if you don’t pray send them good thoughts.

  • pagansister

    H22, most certainly all positive thoughts are being sent to the folks in Japan. Unfortunately there will be more deaths, and many folks will not be found, as they were washed out to sea when the water came in.
    cknuck, good luck getting the supplies to Japan. It most certainly will help.

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