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Pastor Caught on Indecent Exposure Apologizes to Gays

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METAIRIE, La. (RNS) Though he admitted having his hands in his pants, Christian fundamentalist Grant Storms denied Tuesday (March 1) he was masturbating while watching children in a park before being arrested.
Storms, a self-described “Christian patriot” who has protested New Orleans’ annual Southern Decadence gay pride festival, also apologized to those he had maligned, saying, “I was very mean-spirited at times and I apologize.”
Storms denied reports he had confessed to masturbating in his van while parked near a playground at a park.
“I had my hands in my pants,” he said. When asked by a reporter what he was doing with his hands, Storms answered, “I don’t want to get into all that right now. That will come out in court.”
Storms was taken into custody and booked with one count of obscenity after two women told deputies they saw him pleasuring himself in the van. Storms denied he was looking at any children, insisting he was neither a pedophile nor a child molester.
“The impression is that I was out there exposing myself to them and that’s not the case,” he said.
Storms also expressed remorse for his protests at the gay festival, which he has said turns the French Quarter into Sodom and Gomorrah.
“When I look back, there’s a lot of things I would have done differently. I was so proudful. I was very arrogant,” he said, adding later, “I’ll fess up to my shortcomings, and whatever they say against me, they can say it. They have every right now to say it.”
- Michelle Hunter, Religion News Service
(Michelle Hunter writes for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.)

  • Your Name

    Wow. An unequivocal apology from a (hopefully former) anti-fay Pastor.
    I’m impressed.
    “I was very mean-spirited at times and I apologize.””
    Attention Glenn Beck: this is what an actual apology looks and sounds like. N.B> the entire lack of the “If I offended you …”.

  • cknuck

    any sexual deviation from normal heterosexual practices is sin, all should be confessed and repented from. His apologies to homosexuals is normal response as to one to another.

  • pagansister

    So he had his hands in his pants, BUT he wasn’t masturbating—then why were his hands in his pants—to make sure “it” was still there?
    As to his apology—let’s hope he was actually sincere.

  • Henrietta22

    The article I read elsewhere on the net said he didn’t want to get out of the car to go to a public restroom so he was peeing in a bottle. If this is so his hands would have been somewhere near his pants, and why were the women watching him in his car so intently, anyway. Lots of people don’t like to use public bathrooms, nothing new there.

  • jestrfyl

    This is starting to become a cliche! It goes to show that the ones to watch the closest are the ones who protest the most! (Billy the Bard said it better)

  • Your Name

    “any sexual deviation from normal heterosexual practices is sin” – according to ck’s “church” (which I doubt the Pastor is a member of).
    “His apologies to homosexuals is normal response as to one to another.”
    The Pastor is a self-identified heterosexual. Are you deranged or just a mean-spirited, delusional bearer-of-false-witness (speaking of “sin”)?

  • m.e.graves

    Your Name, don’t worry. ck is gay, too, he just has a dark sense of humor, sort of like how Jewish comedians like making fun of themselves, too.
    I mean, that’s the only explanation that makes sense, because no purely heterosexual person is ever as fascinated with gays as ck; he writes and thinks about gay sex more often than the actual self identified gays on these boards.

  • Your Name

    I believe in past posts, ck has admitted he “struggles” with his temptations.

  • cknuck

    me and yn recruit elsewhere I am very happy as an heterosexual. I don’t have a fascination about homosexuality but I have counseled many homosexuals and men who were abused by older homosexual males so i do know a lot about your lifestyle through research, it’s not rocket science as a matter of fact there is no science that explains homosexuality just conjecture.

  • m.e.graves

    Sorry ck, but YN and I work in the PR department of HomoTakover, Inc., not Recruitment. Unless, YN, did you finally get that promotion you’ve been wanting? Congratulations!
    Oh, by the way, YN, I’ve been working on a proposal for our staff meeting for the next attack on heterosexuals, since we’ve already defeated heterosexuality by forcing them into same-sex marriages. The working title is, “Silence of the Lambs: How Beastiality Harms No One”. Please be sure to give your honest feedback. And the jello mold you made for the company picnic? Hilarious!

  • Your Name

    And I head Queers Rule the World, as well as sit on 2 sub-committees – the Movement to Outlaw Heterosexual Reproduction and Give Us Your Pre-teens.
    Such crap you believe about gay people, ck. Any “counselling” emanating from you should be considered abuse in and of itself if it reflects what you post here.
    What’s your “research” source, the “F” “R” C???

  • cknuck

    YN your laugh totally fits, you’ll never know enough about how I counsel methods to form an opinion but don’t let that stop you.

  • Your Name

    “you’ll never know enough about how I counsel methods”
    Your words here on B’net give everyone ample evidence of how you would “counsel” people.

  • cknuck

    YN try not to show how dumb you are and totally unaware of professionalism.

  • Your Name

    Like I said, if what you post here is ANY indication, I fear for your ‘patients’.

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