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Former Counterterrorism Chief Says Muslims Cooperate

(RNS) A former FBI counterterrorism director on Tuesday (March 8) rejected allegations by the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee that Muslim Americans don’t cooperate with law enforcement in terror investigations.
Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican, will open hearings on Thursday about Muslim radicalization that critics say unfairly singles out Muslims.
“I will tell you in no uncertain terms that the community has on multiple occasions come forward and assisted law enforcement,” said Michael Rolince, who headed the Counterterrorism Division in the FBI’s Washington field office between 2002 and 2005.
Rolince said the hearings and heated “rhetoric” from politicians attacking Muslims undermine that cooperation, and said smart counterterrorism strategy requires engaging with Muslim Americans.
“You talk to everyone and then you figure out who’s going to be helpful, who’s going to be harmful, and who’s not going to be a factor,” said Rolince, speaking in a conference call sponsored by Muslim Advocates, a civil rights group in San Francisco. “This is not easy. Anyone who thinks you can just snap your fingers and everyone’s going to go along and understand both sides of the equation is in the wrong line of work.”
Despite his criticism of the King hearings, Rolince said he hoped some good would come of the controversial hearings. “I think this is going to be a great conversation after the hearings,” he said.
Muslim Advocates used the call to announce a new website,, where people are asked to sign a pledge “against fearmongering.” Current signatories include 9/11 Families For Peaceful Tomorrows, the Sikh Coalition, the North Carolina Council of Churches and the American Muslim Law Enforcement Officers Association.

  • Henrietta22

    Well the F.B.I., former counterterrorism Director is right about the conversation started by a Republican politician about Muslims cooperation that he has started, they do cooperate, and we wouldn’t know that if this “conversation” wasn’t going on. Maybe Peter King should have checked with the F.B.I. before starting a small uproar, afterall this is the business of the F.B.I. Haven’t heard of the F.B.I. checking out politicians, but maybe I’m wrong.

  • nnmns

    Peter King isn’t interested in protecting America, he’s interested in dividing America in such a way he and his henchmen can win elections. Normal GOP operating procedure.

  • Your Name

    Echos of the 1950s: “Are you now, or have you ever been a … (fill in the blank: homosexual, communist, et cetera).
    Yup, they want ‘their’ country back – in the 1950s, evidently.

  • Henrietta22

    Peter King is doing America a favor, many of us remember the Macarthy Era, and the hurt it did to many people, this will keep many people from voting Republican I would think, as well as American Muslims. Perhaps that is why they are starting the hunt to scare Americans into voting for the ones who have started this at this time of getting the votes out.

  • Gwyddion9

    I don’t know if it will help at all, to be honest. Several years ago, I came to the understanding that one thing that the Republicans do, is create and propagate fear. It has served them really well. Some people eat up the fear issues with the belief that the GOP will “protect them” from all the bad stuff. Also, you have those of a particular religious view that the GOP is representative of conservatism and God. Because of this, they, the GOP, can do no wrong.
    I am concerned that this has the potential to become a witch hunt and others will feel completely justified in their actions. Truth be told, I believe that there are many Muslims who assist when asked as the radical Muslims sects are no friend to them either.
    I am curious what will happen to the Republican party. There is this witch hunt and then there are Republican Governors in many states trying to pass laws to cripple people and groups. Personally, I think… hope, it will come back and bite them in their seats. I view the Republican party as the party of division and it’s worked for many years. Get people arguing against each other and they fail to notice what the GOP is doing. Sorry about the soap box.

  • Atlanta Roofing

    Hope Muslim-Ame¬ricans do not react, yet. What King is doing is a dangerous precedent. He is dabbling in theatrical sensationa¬lism to try and draw out the opposition in order to confirm to his supporters that the danger is real. Maybe get jumped for saying it, but the more quiet and uneventful this investigat¬ion becomes the better it will be because he’ll discover nothing of much consequenc¬e. That doesn’t mean to not pay attention. There needs to be diligent attention here and more than usual to be prepared for the conclusion¬.

  • Henrietta22

    Gwyddion9, your soapbox sounds right on. If the sane and ethical Republicans don’t try and get their party back from the extreme right more division will occur and the important business of the U.S. will continue to suffer. There was one Republican that stood up for the Wisconsin’s people’s civil rights, one, very disturbing. I hope that if they broke any laws in doing what they did they will pay. The thing that bothers me is the way they lie and deceive people, and cover it up by explaining how right they were. It’s the same old fairy tale of the naked king being seen with clothes on because the crowd is told, “He’s wearing clothes”, and the crowd shouts you’re right he’s wearing clothes. The voters don’t care if they are voting for an ethical republican, their mommy, dadddy, grandparents were Republican, so they have to be good. Or, this man can do the most for me, and who cares for the country. Well we all want something, but if Middleclass wants to stay and grow we can’t afford to vote Republican again, at least for a very, very, longtime.

  • Atlanta Roofing

    The fact that Congressman King needs police protection and is getting “international” threats only proves his point. There is an “international” source controlling sleeper cells in THIS country…and THEY don’t want them to be revealed. Peter King is a true “Profile in Courage”. May Has hem protect him as well assist him in his efforts to protect all of us.

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