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Court Rejects Mother’s Religious Home-School Arguments

(RNS) The New Hampshire Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling on Wednesday (March 16) that orders an 11-year-old girl to enroll in public school instead of being home-schooled by her mother.
Although the girl’s mother, Brenda Kurowski, argued that the original ruling violated her religious rights, the high court based its decision on the dispute between the girl’s divorced parents who could not agree on their daughter’s schooling.
“While this case has religious overtones, it is not about religion. While it involves home-schooling, it is not about the merits of home versus public schooling. This case is only about resolving a dispute between two parents … who have been unable to agree how to best educate (their) daughter,” the court said.
Kurowski’s lawyer, John Anthony Simmons, was concerned that the Supreme Court’s decision to not consider his client’s religious arguments was dangerous for religious liberty.
“The lower court held the Christian faith of this mother and daughter against them,” said Simmons, who is affiliated with the conservative Alliance Defense Fund. “Unfortunately, the Supreme Court bypassed this issue and wrote this off as a `parent versus parent’ issue without recognizing the very real underlying threat to religious liberty.”
– RICHARD YEAKLEY, Religion News Service

  • nnmns

    “Threat to religious liberty” Hah!
    If there’s a disagreement over how the child should be schooled the better school should win. Like it did here.

  • Henrietta22

    The Supreme Court did good here. The eleven yr. old will receive plenty of religious training by her mom, and public school in NH will teach her what she’ll need to succeed into college, if that is her fathers and her choice. Besides at her age she needs to have school friends to grow socially.

  • cknuck

    I disagree, the public school system of NJ has a very poor tract record of preparing kids for college. But if the court is truly unbiased, (which is doubtful) then the decision based on considering the father’s wishes is just. I tend to think that the decision is probably based on current government trends and wishes.

  • Tim

    To cknuck – it was NH (New Hampshire), not New Jersey. NH has excellent rated schools, a very strong tract record for preparing kids for college.

  • pagansister

    Has nothing to do with religious liberty—-that is what Sunday Schools are for…and Wednesday night prayer meetings and of course her Mom.(in this case). Good decision by the NH court. The little girl will also learn about diversity—and different ideas being in a public school environment. Since it was impossible for the parents to agree—public school works.

  • Musicforkids

    I would agree that the NH court made a good decision. The girl can still get plenty of religious schooling by her mom. If dad did not want her home schooled then public school or agreed upon private school would be the way to go.

  • cknuck

    Tim good catch – my error, but I still stand on the fact it is more about legislating against Christianity than anything else on the court’s part although the father I feel is genuine. Many home schooled kids excel over public school kids, I don’t know how skilled this mom is but I do know of many positive home school experiences.

  • cknuck

    I have found much more positive reports in favor of home-school than not way more positive results than public schools considering the evidence of Home-school vs public schools the courts were way off.

  • Henrietta22

    I think you are wrong about NJ and public schooling. After what Christie has done to the excellent teachers there it might soon be the way you envision it though in the future, unless they vote him out the next chance they can from what I hear from New Jerseyites.

  • Your Name

    Michelle Bachamn home schools her kids and she thinks Lexington and Concord are in New Hamshire and the the Founding Fathers ended slavery.

  • cknuck

    I’m sure she know you didn’t end slavery YN lol

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment rednotblue

    This girl was ahead of her peers. The state has NO natural right to force you to send your child to a public school. Unless a child is in danger the state needs to stay out of it. Obviously the father has an agenda. So sad that he is turning his little girl’s life upside down so he can “win”.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jyl

    I think the court made the right choice. Both parents should be able to decide the schooling, not just one.
    Religion does not have to be taught 24 hours a day.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment SHoP

    The courts, justice system, and the rest of the government has an agenda. This is known by most of the populace. The knowledge of a court messing with a case such as this is painful for me to hear. Both the mother and father are right and wrong. The mother is right for wanting her child to be “pure of heart” and the father is right for wanting a “smart young girl.” They are both wrong to go into court and fight over it. In my oppinion, this event should not have made an appearance on the news and should have been delt with inside the childs family.

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