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Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested for Indecent Exposure Around Kids

METAIRIE, La. (RNS) A fundamentalist Christian pastor known for his bullhorn protests of the annual Southern Decadence gay pride festival was arrested on a charge of masturbating at a park on Friday (Feb. 25).
The Rev. Grant Storms, 53, was taken into custody after two women reported seeing him masturbating in the driver’s seat of his van, which was parked near the carousel and playground, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office report said.
A woman who parked next to Storms’ van noticed the occupant was “looking at the playground area that contained children playing, with his zipper down,” the report said. The woman noted that he was masturbating and quickly ushered her children out of her car.
She told a second woman, who walked to the van and also spotted the man masturbating, the report said. The second witness told deputies that the driver tried to conceal the zipper area of his pants with his hand.
Storms told deputies he was having lunch at the park when he decided to urinate using a bottle instead of the restroom, the report said.
He was booked on obscenity, with bond set at $5,000. He was released two days later because of jail crowding. Storms could not be reached for comment on Monday.
A self-styled “Christian patriot,” Storms leads the small Reformer Church where he has railed against the Roman Catholic Church, calling it “satanic” and “demonic.”
He is known for arming followers with bullhorns, Bibles and picket signs to protest Southern Decadence, the three-day gay festival held in the French Quarter during Labor Day weekend.
- Michelle Hunter, Religion News Service
(Michelle Hunter writes for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.)

  • Honey

    Sadly, I’ve learned that when individuals protest very loudly about something, it is typically they who have the problem. You can usually tell what someones “sin” issue is by what they focus on.
    Unfortunately, he was trying to keep those urges under wraps by following the rules, belittling and showing disdain for anyone who exhibited his same proclivities – and in hating them, he was hating something deep inside himself – hating a part of himself.
    Sadly, we as church has to do better about welcoming the broken, not minimizing the sin, but making sure that the redemptive work of Christ is as prominent or more prominent than the majoring on sin. I’ve never known anyone to change or improve one iota because someone yelled at them, threw rocks at them, or demanded that they live by morally. A true conversion of hear that allows one to stand completely vulnerable and defenseless and wholly and completely loved without disdain and judgment by others is what allows a human being to heal from sin, recover from hurt, recover from addiction, and ultimately will allow us to recover from death.
    Obviously this man needs help – too bad he didn’t get it before his life was ruined and he goes to jail.

  • Gwyddion9

    The irony of it all!
    Christians do the best at turning others away from their religion.
    I will say, honestly, that i’m pleased when the hypocrites fall. It’s a shame that he had to hurt others in the process.

  • Your Name

    “showing disdain for anyone who exhibited his same proclivities”
    I don’t know too many gay people who exhibit the proclivity to masturbate in public or urinate in bottles.

  • nnmns

    Let’s face it, this guy is just one more in a long list of “family values” politicians and preachers who turn out to be hypocrites or hypocrites and perverts.

  • cknuck

    one deviation from normal heterosexually is just as bad as another he’s no different from so-called bishop Gene Robinson

  • pagansister

    Great guy—putting down Gay’s, while attempting to satisfy himself leering at kids! Wonderful example of saying one thing and doing another as the rules only apply to others!!

  • Henrietta22

    I walk by cars with men in them in parking lots and only see their heads, never saw what their hands were doing, or even cared to look, guess it was because I didn’t walk over to the window and look down into their cars. Men with prostrate problems sometimes have problems urinating, maybe that was why two women thought he was playing with himself. At any rate there must have been a bottle of urine present in the car for his evidence if that is what he was doing. Urine just doesn’t appear in a a bottle if you don’t put it there.

  • cknuck

    never thought of that H, why I’ve peed in a bottle in my car I would hope no one would want to peek in.

  • reader

    The man has admitted to having his hand in his open fly. The first woman who noticed his activity had happened to park right next to him. He has also admitted to being vile and hateful toward the LGBT community and Catholics, while offering words of ‘apology’. Time will tell if he is truly ‘repentant’, but in the meantime I see no reason for the community of New Orleans and the LGBT community not to enjoy a little schadenfreude.

  • Michael

    To: Henrietta22 and cknuck
    Please tell me that you are not that gullible or are so blinded by your religion that you don’t see this man as the pedophile that he is. If you have a prostate problem you do not try and remedy it in your car near a bunch of kids. For the record, the percentage of gays who are pedophiles is almost no existent. On the other hand, God fearing Christians and religious leaders are off the chart.

  • Michael

    To: Henrietta22 and cknuck
    Please tell me that you are not that gullible or are so blinded by your religion that you don’t see this man as the pedophile that he is. If you have a prostate problem you do not try and remedy it in your car near a bunch of kids. For the record, the percentage of gays who are pedophiles is almost no existent. On the other hand, God fearing Christians and religious leaders are off the chart.

  • Henrietta22

    Well Michael, no need to attack us as ‘blinded by our religion’. We were just saying….
    Peeing is a problem that men have when they have enlarged prostates, and aren’t on RX. I read he was sitting in his car with a friend. It isn’t mentioned here or the other article on beliefnetnews either. I hardly think he would be doing M. with a friend sitting near him. I don’t think it is strange for children to be playing in a park, and it doesn’t seem strange for two men sitting in a car to watch the only thing in front of them playing. I’m not gullible, but look for reasons why anything has happened and turn it inside out. I also don’t like judging until I hear all sides and I don’t think we have.

  • cknuck

    well michael don’t tell me that you curse judgment and you dole it out. You were not there yet you impose a judgment before the trail even though you live in a country where a person is innocent until proven guilty and you yourself have no proof just a vile hate which you would impose on others who think differently than you. Nice one Mike.

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