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FBI Investigates Church of Scientology over Human Trafficking Claims

The Church of Scientology is under fire after a report in The New Yorker magazine alleges the religious organization was involved in human trafficking and the mistreatment of its workers.
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Church of Scientology Probed by FBI Over Human Trafficking Claims: Report
The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology
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  • Henrietta22

    Interesting articles about S. You would think that if you were told to disown your own mother and father by this S. you would just leave fast! But then there are Fundamentalist Christians that disown their own children if they are GLBT, too. Haggis own mother, Anne Archer, as well as the big actors think Haggis is the wrong one for bringing out disturbing facts about this Church, and leaving, sounds like a nightmare to live this way, to me. Haggis is brave to break this mind control.

  • pagansister

    The more I read about this “religion” the more I suspect it is more like a cult than a religion. Haggis took a long time to leave, but at least he finally realized the truth of what he was involved in. The treatment of members regarding those who disagree remind me of what I have read about the JW’s. They too are not tolerant of anyone who asks questions.
    As for human trafficking? Let’s hope that is not true, but I’m glad that it is being checked out.

  • nnmns

    The human brain is susceptible to a lot of very bad ideas. Clearly scientology is one.
    I’m glad the FBI is on the case. I hope they don’t get yanked off by Scientology’s politically powerful members.

  • Ex-scientologymember

    As a kid growing up in Scientology, I always felt out of place.
    I did quite a few, “courses”, and some, “auditing”, (which made me feel weird).
    When I was almost 13 my parents made me leave my middle school in Oregon to fly down to LA and “get trained”.
    I didn’t want to but my dad said as long as I lived under his roof it was his decision because I needed to be, “handled”.
    When I went to LA by myself, my parents had arranged for me to stay at this tiny cheap apartment with total strangers that were Scientologists in training so that made it okay, I guess.
    I had to walk about 3 miles to get the Celebrity Center International, where I was going to do the Purification program, (you sit in a sauna for 3-5 hours per day until you felt cleansed of toxins built up and had a “End Phenamona or EP”.
    This was the first course they had me do, meanwhile I was missing school.
    While I was there doing these courses I would always try to enter the
    building in such a way, where the Scientology Sea Org Recruiters couldn’t see me.
    Once they see a fresh young Scientologist kid, they come after you, I would literally run from these people in their building.
    They cornered me down several times, usually there were 2 of them. They would ask me what my purpose was in life.
    If I mention that I was not interested in joining the Sea Org, they would show me the Scientology creed which said, joining is for the greater good of mankind and it’s survival.
    The Recruiters would what better purpose in life is that?
    That if I didn’t join I would be failing as a human being and failing humanity.
    I got upset and called my parents.
    They called and had the Sea Org Recruiters back off so I could focus
    on my courses.
    One day I was walking my 3 miles to go do the courses, the 2 Sea Org
    Recruiters that had previously cornered me, were driving in a car and they spotted me.
    They asked if they could take me out to lunch and talk.
    At first I said, no and they kept persisting.
    I got in the car and they took me to a restuarant we sat at one of those half circle round booths and somehow I ended up in the middle of them.
    They started up with their speeches again about my purpose in life.
    I really felt weirded out and literally trapped so I crawled under the table and ran out of the restuarant.
    They were running after me I started crying because I was lost and didn’t know where they had driven me.
    I remember at that point I gave in.
    They drove me back to one of the many Scientology buildings in LA.
    We went to some office.
    I felt so numb inside not knowing what to believe.
    They had me watch some films and read sections of their books.
    Next thing I knew it was 9:00pm and I signing this million year Sea Org contract.
    I was so confused and was made to think that I was fulfilling my purpose in life but knew I had done something wrong. So I called my Mom and told her what happened and she became very angry with the Recruiters and had my Sea Org contract thrown out.
    After that experience I still continued with the courses and when the
    Recruiters saw me they gave me mean looks trying to make me feel bad.
    If a Recruiter gets someone to join, their monthly stats go up, therefore they themselves can move, “up the Bridge”.
    I left the so called religion when I was 17 and I am now 32.
    My mind was so messed up for many years later as a result of being part of that.
    I was 22 when I found God and it was the most wonderful feeling.
    Both my parents, their spouses and my sister and her family are still members.
    They always to this day look at me and my husband like we are outcasts and still encourage me to get back, “on lines”.
    They bye books for my husband,(whom has never been in Scientology), give us films and even gave out our phone numbers out to Scientology without our permission, we had received phone calls from the cult
    with different area codes, all hours of the day for a year.
    They even got my husband’s cell phone number, asking for me.
    He would tell them I didn’t exist so they would stop harassing us.
    I told my family to please stop giving out our information.
    We still to this day get junk mail about once a week from the cult.
    I tell my family that we believe in the good Lord and he is the one that guides our lives.
    I pray for them to find God and for God to heal them, the way he has done to me, thank you Lord!!!!!!
    The only reason they call it a religion is for tax exemption purposes
    and when you do a course, the money you pay for it is a donation and a tax write off.
    I read an article a while back about that this friend of L.Ron Hubbard that had mentioned to him , the easiest way to make a million dollars is to start a religion.
    That’s what he did and many people have fallen victim and are in massive debt because of his cult.
    I could go on and on about Scientology but it would be a book.
    I am one of the lucky ones that got out and I pray for the ones that are trapped in it!
    God Bless and Bless God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pagansister

    Glad you got out Ex S Member. If you are happy with what you believe now that is good.

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