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Boy Experiences Death, Says Heaven Is Real

The young Nebraskan boy who, after a near-death experience, believes he saw a vision of Jesus and Heaven is becoming an Internet sensation. Watch Colton Burpo’s story as reported by Fox affiliate KDVR in Denver.Click here to purchase Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.

  • Henrietta22

    What a sweet little boy, so happy he is well again. Just like the man said on fox ch. there are many stories very similar. Everyone I have read or heard have one thing that never changes; the loved ones you visit with are always younger in appearance. This fact becomes more evidential when a child has never seen an older relative when they were young, but identifies them as their grandfather, grandmother, etc. Indian people, Hindus, see their religious people as they know them, etc. “In my home there are many mansions”, this seems to cover all religious bases.

  • nnmns

    The mind is a strange thing, with many impressive powers, including the power to deceive itself.
    As Henrietta points out, this clearly doesn’t give any evidence to support a particular religion.

  • pagansister

    Yes, nnmns, I agree. The mind is a strange thing, and has the power to deceive itself. Also drugs given during his visit may have helped too.

  • cknuck

    nnmnns and pagan how on earth would you two know? seriously

  • pagansister

    The mind doesn’t react to stress, which surgery and serious illness is, cknuck? I’m assuming you dream, as many of us do. Seriously, this child has probably been brought up in a Christian household and been shown pictures of what folks thing Jesus looked like etc. He may have overheard the miscarriage news when his parents were’t aware he was within listening range, etc. Children hear much more than folks think they do. Pictures of relatives are usually about or in albums ( I assume even now some folks have picture albums). Lots of explanations. Drugs can cause halluciations, and the child was 4(?) when he was ill. It makes the parents (and the child) feel good to think he saw what he saw, and I’m sure as time has passed, the stories have been glorified. If it floats their boat, so be it. Do I think that it is impossible for people to have spirits of the dead floating about? No, nothing is impossible. I prefer to think that the energy that left my parents when they died is around me, but my intellect says no, my heart says yes. My husband had a sroke in 1984, and thinks he saw his father (who died in ’78) at his feet when he fell at the office. No one was standing there according to the folks that were there. How do I explain that? I don’t. It just happened. Have I seen the dead? no.

  • Henrietta22

    When you refuse to believe there is a spirit of God, then anything anyone tells you of their experiences, such as this little boy, is easily dismissed by medicine, hallucinations, vivid imaginations, and anything else that you can think of. There are too many stories in print and for many, many years not to research, compare, and eventually believe. The more you understand the less you have to fear, and resist. Have a friend of many yrs. who was in a serious accident, in such pain, he left his body and watched everything in the ambulance and in the ER, remembered it all and told the Dr. about it, and he was right on everything, the Dr. was amazed! This is not new, it happens and if as you say energy, PS, is actual and it is then there you go!!

  • cknuck

    pagan you cannot just speculate out of your “intellect” no sane scientist free of his/her ego would do such a thing and you are not a scientist.

  • Heretic_for_Christ

    I have no idea what this child “saw” or what accounts for it. No one can answer those questions. For that reason, it is inappropriate to draw any conclusions from the story — not scientific or atheist conclusions, and also not mystical or Christian conclusions. In fact, the story tells us precisely nothing.

  • pagansister

    Did I ever say I was a scientist, cknuck? Nope. Actually I can speculate on what ever I wish to.

  • cknuck

    The boy is Christian, from a Christian church he met Christ in heaven with God the Father and Angels. So H4C why would you say Christians should not draw conclusions, especially those of us who may have had similar experiences? I know folk like you would love for events like this to go away but you can’t neutralize things like this, it’s well outside of your scope of power.
    pagan you are right you have the right to speculate about anything, it’s telling but if that is the line you want to take it is your right.

  • pagansister

    I’m speculating on what may have happened that caused this kid to say he saw JC—what did you think I was speculating on, cknuck? If the kid thinks he saw JC—fine and dandy. I don’t remember reading that this kid died—-only that he was very ill and required surgery. IF he was just under with meds, then how did he visit JC and family in heaven? Thought you had to die to do that, even though it might be just a minute or 2. BTW, why would I want to neutralize this? It makes believers feel good.
    IMO, the energy that leaves the minute you die never leaves the universe. It doesn’t need a heavenly place—as it is free to roam the place of it’s origin. We all deal with death our own way.



  • Kim

    I beleive what he says is true. Other people have experienced this miracle and he was blessed to remember. Thank you for sharing;)

  • Kim

    I beleive what he has shared with us, other people have had this same type of experience, he was blessed to remember this miracle. Thank you for sharing. Don Piper has written his book 90 Minutes in Heaven.

  • pagansister

    GC20: Really? Did you have to shout? Bully for you that you believe in a heaven. Some folks don’t, myself included. Just because it is in a book, in this case, the Bible, doesn’t make it so. The Bible was written by men, with great imaginations—and copied so many times that it is hardly accurate about anything. Makes some folks happy to believe it’s “the voice of GOD!” so have at it.

  • Minister Hart

    I know some dont believe like others, but you don’t have to be actually dead to have a vision. Maybe Jesus was trying to encourage us as believers that heaven is real and to to be encouraged that you have an eternal home. Even if the young lad was dead or not dead I believe he saw what he said he saw. The bible WAS written by men, and sanctioned to be translated into English my a non believer. King James was not the purist of men. But God uses who and what He wants for His purposes to be fulfilled. For those of us who don’t believe, please don’t let pride stand in the way of eternal life. Jesus is real, heaven is real, but hell is also real. A simple act as accepting Jesus will bring you eternal life. Romans 10th chapter and 9th verse. I love you all!!!!

  • Henrietta22

    OBE’s, (out of body experiences) can happen by people still living, as well as dead for a few min. The friend I mentioned was barely alive when they put him into an ambulance. He heard and saw what the paramedics did and said in conversation, and in the hospital the same, some of medical conversations are quite funny and have nothing to do with what is going on with the patient. He watched what was going on out in the hall and in the room he was placed after ER. Reason for Drs. amazement. No woo, woo, just actuality. People have these happenings all the time, and this just happens to be someone we know. I had one many years ago, but was told it was the drugs. After reading over so many years of others stories, I know it wasn’t drugs.

  • cknuck

    Many people think it is important for them to preach against what they don’t understand I feel sad for them. There is so much they don’t understand so I’m ready for a lot of preaching. People don’t understand the spirit or its unlimited abilities because they themselves are limited beings. So sad.

  • pagansister

    “People don’t understand the spirit or its unlimited abilities because they themselves are limited beings. So sad.” (words of the Mighty cknuck) Considering there are so many definitions of “spirit”…. Oh so true, Mighty Wizard, soooo true. :o)

  • cknuck

    Thanks for the example pagan

  • tempo dulu

    How does he know he went to heaven? Isn’t it a bit strange that he would go to heaven and then come back again? I’m open minded on this but all little boys have strong imaginations.

  • cknuck

    How do you know he didn’t? You don’t; not anymore than you can speak for all little boy’s imagination or for that matter the adults who may have had the same experience. I’m just saying; in order to know all of that one would have to have the universe in His hands, but that position is already taken.

  • jestrfyl

    As Kenny Chesney sings it, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to go now”.
    Visions of heaven, like other revelations, can’t be argued or negotiated. You simply accept them or you don’t. I am glad the kid lived!

  • Samuel Getachew

    I have read many of the comments, people do not like to face the reality of God and hence prefer to escape by giving reasons to deny realities which defy their mind set. please be simple like children and belive in what the Bible says. Belive in Jesus Christ and you will spend your time in heaven with him for all eternity do not belive him then because of your choise you will spend eternity in hell. I advise you to belive today.Don’t always try to reason because there are many things that you define by your mind I dont need to give you the list of them.

  • pagansister

    Sam G., Thanks for the “advise” but no thanks. I gave up the myths of heaven and hell a long time ago. It works for you, but not for everyone—-and also—thanks for not giving us a list—saved time and effort on your part.

  • Tam H

    That is a great thing about the gift of God’s grace…it is a GIFT and you can either accept it or not.

  • Dusan Hrvatski

    It may be difficult to conceive such things,but for me,I believe in them,after experiencing too many things that God alone can perform.I have prayed for as long as I can remember,and thought I had strong faith,but when my brother with a wife and teenage children died,I was angry,and while praying,I called Jesus,”A Loser”.We went to Sunday mass that same morning,and as the visiting priest ascended to the altar,the first words he uttered were,”Jesus is not a loser”.I was overcome with great sorrow,and began crying,trying to contain myself from being seen or heard.I know that Jesus spoke to me through that priest,showing his mercy to strengthen me in my faith.I believe what the boy says,because when he said his grandfather was young,it apparently agrees with what St. Thomas Aquinas stated,we reach the age of perfection,which is supposedly 33.

  • Dusan Hrvatski

    I firmly believe the young boy.When my son was a ten yearold altar boy,my brother that died appeared to my son,saying to him,”I’m uncle Marko,tell your dad to have the family pray for me”.My son was very quiet for 3days,so my wife approached him,asking if anything was wrong.It was then that he told my wife what transpired the night it ocurred.He stated he was afraid to say anything to me,fearing I might be angry.He never saw or knew my brother,but he knew his voice and exactly what he looked like,seeing a photo months later,saying,”Dad,that is your brother I saw”.It is difficult for little children to develop such detailed stories.

  • Ken

    Trust In God–He is watching!

  • cknuck

    God is good all of the time.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment joesph

    Pray for pagansistr….needs jesus

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment maria josé

    Eu creio que é real espero que muitas pessoas abram a visão e entregue suas vidas para o AUTOR DA NOSSA VIDA que é O SENHOR JESUS CRISTO.

    28/04/2012 ÁS 7 HORAS DA MANHÃ

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