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Four in 10 Americans See Jesus’ Return by 2050

(RNS) Four in 10 Americans believe Jesus Christ will return to earth by 2050, while a slightly larger portion (46 percent) don’t believe they’ll see a Second Coming by mid-century, according to a new survey.
As part of Smithsonian Magazine’s 40th anniversary issue, 1,546 adults were asked to guess the forecast of war, energy, science and religion in the next 40 years for a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for People & the Press.
Evangelicals were most likely (58 percent) to predict a Second Coming, followed by 32 percent of Catholics, and 27 percent of mainline Protestants.
Fifty-two percent of people living in the South, and 59 percent of people without a college degree, expected a Christ comeback more readily than their counterparts, according to the survey.
The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

— Ankita Rao
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  • pagansister

    I don’t really think anyone who is dead is coming back, not even JC. If he does..that will make a few folks real happy,especially those in the south and those without a college degree. If he doesn’t make an appearance, someone will just predict another date or time. I’m not holding my breath.

  • 11111111111111111111111111
  • cmaglaughlin

    @pagansister…Dr. Simon Greenleaf, the famous Royal Professor of law at Harvard, who produced, “A Treatise on the Law of Evidence,” considered the greatest single authority on this subject in the entire literature of legal procedure, examined the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Greenleaf came to the conclusion that there is more evidence for the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history. Professor Thomas Arnold, author of the “History of Rome,” and chair of modern history at Oxford, said, “no one fact of history of mankind is proved to the understanding of a fair inquirer than Christ died and rose from the dead.” I could continue, but what evidence do you present for your “dead” Jesus?

  • pagansister

    Like I said, cmag, I’m not holding my breath. Nailed to a cross is a rather nasty way to die, and since he was hung there to do so. I have no reason to expect he was the exception to the rule. All those fellows you quote…great, they are entitled to their opinion, and perhaps they are also Christians thus would be prone to believing that he’s coming back. If the Bible is supposed to be evidence, that too has been written, translated, copied so many times that it is hard to accept as fact. The Bible was used originally, IMO, to be used as a tool to push the agenda that Jesus was supposed to have started.
    BTW, he isn’t “my “dead” Jesus”? If indeed he lived and did all the things he was supposed to have done, he was at the most a great teacher, a prophet, but coming back after death? Not IMO. He had some good ideas, and apparently was for the most part, a gentle man. Bur supernatural is another story.

  • cmaglaughlin

    Your objections to the deity of Christ are so woefully lacking in fact that it would seem you are just spouting something you heard someone say. The fact that the Bible, which is a compilation of 66 different books, 40 different authors, who didn’t really know each other or each other’s work, written over a period of 4000 years, is basically saying the same main thing. That Messiah would come to pay the penalty for man’s sin, and restore man’s relationship to his creator, is quite amazing, to say the least. On the day Christ was crucified, which was foretold and depicted 700 years before crucifixion was even invented, 333 prophecies were fulfilled to the letter. The law of probability of even just a few being fulfilled is staggering. Christ’s main message was Who He was. He does not allow us to just view Him as a good man or prophet. He said,”Before Abraham was, I AM.” (God). He is either a liar,lunatic,legend or the Truth. Many who set out disprove His resurrection became believers after honestly facing the Truth.

  • pagansister

    cmag, 17 years as of my life, being raised in the Methodist church told me what I needed to know about the Bible, enough to convince me that it is a book, human written to push an agenda. Really makes no difference if the dudes knew each other or not. Lots of sex, incest, war, 100 plus year old people, adultry, guys sleeping with their maids in order to have kids because the wife was “barren”, virgin births, raising folks from the dead, feeding bunches of folks with a loaf of bread and some wine etc., actually the Psalms are pretty, (song of Solomon, 23 Psalm for example) and a divne being declaring “I AM”. He/she is what? AM?
    Anyhow, I am of the opinion that no dead person is returning, because I really think with the stuff that has happened in the world, over the last 1000 or so years, that fellow should have already made an appearance to take care of things. OOPS! to late. There are however, many folks who think it will happen…and it floats their little boats. Freedom to believe in this country, unlike some others. :o)
    Spouting to an authority,(cmag) I assume? Whatever. As I said, know enough to not make it the guide for my life.
    Christ was crucified and it was foretold? Sure, he ticked off the government…what did he think was going to happen?

  • cmaglaughlin

    I could answer every one of your statements, but if I did, you still wouldn’t understand. Good Day!

  • cknuck

    so pagan you are a 17 yr scholar of the bible who has thoroughly examined it and found it wanting? Excuse me but that’s my laugh of the day. Boiled both the bible and the people down to one paragraph did ya? Oh what genius.
    No one knows the time when Jesus will come but we devote live like it is tomorrow.

  • pagansister

    cknuck, glad you had a good laugh. We all need that once in awhile.
    Didn’t claim to be a scholar, did I? (but I’m most certainly a genius :o)) Anyhow, I have read it since I gave up following the Methodist or Christian beliefs. What I have read has been interesting and includes things that can appeal to lots of folks…but that is what it is to me…another book. Lots of variety in it, that’s for sure. Some good advise as I have said in the past, and lots of fantacy and fiction.
    cmag: Wouldn’t understand what? You could answer everyone of my statements? I’m so impressed. Perhaps your explanation(s)would be the usual things used to defend or prove the truth of the book. Have probably heard them already. Have a good night.

  • cknuck

    Some people unfortunately will never understand, I like Jesus’ parables and when the disciples asked why He said some people will not understand. I read the parables and thought, how could someone not understand these simple words? I am no longer surprised when seemingly intelligent people don’t understand.

  • pagansister

    cknuck, the older I get, I find that there are fewer and fewer things that surprise me.

  • cknuck

    u r right pagan it’s funny we gain wisdom then die. Then for some of us we gain wisdom then lose it then die

  • Your Name

    Reading the pissing contest that cmag started, along with the info in the article, simply proves that you CAN fool 40% of the people.
    Talking snakes anyone?

  • cknuck

    And the other 60% is banking their energy and spending their time that the 40% is fooled. Who on earth would be foolish enough to quote a percentage like that?

  • Bryant

    The Bible is clear that no one but the Father knows the time of Jesus’ return. Yet people insist on trying to peg the date. Maybe we should live as God would have us live in full expectation and preparation for his return. Ideas of Armageddon, Rapture and AntiChrist have only served to whet the appetite of those who seek the curious and strange.

  • cdNYxs


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Concerned Christian

    I will first state that we do not know the day or the hour in which Jesus Christ will return but when the fig trees branches soften we know that summer is near, and the summer is near my friend and just keep up with current events and watch what ISREAL goes through and you will know that summer and the return of the living Christ Jesus is near. I pray you will not be left behind.

    I have read the book and I know who wins in the end and it is not Satan.

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