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African Religious Leaders Warn About HIV During World Cup

posted by mconsoli

NAIROBI (RNS/ENInews) African Christian and Muslim leaders are warning of increased vulnerability to HIV infections during the soccer World Cup in South Africa, which begins on Friday (June 11).
The world soccer extravaganza is coming to Africa for the first time, and religious leaders want governments to help commercial sex workers and their clients protect themselves against HIV during the event.
“When you add a whole group of men, plus lots of free time and lots of liquor together it makes an explosive combination,” said the Rev.
Jape Heath, an HIV-positive South African Anglican priest. He is a co-founder of a network of African religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS.
“We know from past experiences under these circumstances that people get engaged in sex work and look for sex workers,” Namibian-born Heath told ENInews in Nairobi. The faith leaders have called for intensified services to stop the possible spread of infection.
“We need to make sure that there are counseling centers, support environment and condoms are made available,” said Heath.
The religious leaders also want governments to intervene against child trafficking, which they warned would increase with the World Cup.
– Fredrick Nzwili
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  • pagansister

    Pass out plenty of condoms….as there will be lots of “fun” happening during this time. Interesting that child trafficking would increase during this time too…that is so NOT good. Hope the authorities are extra vigilant.

  • nnmns

    There was a row over distributing condoms though that may no longer be the case.
    It’s wise of these people to warn everyone and those who can should help people be aware and help the foolish protect themselves.

  • cknuck

    Instead of putting all of your faith in condoms, how about not boning everybody that gives the nod? they are a stranger

  • Heretic_for_Christ

    I agree that mindless copulation is not a good thing, with or without condoms. Nor is it a matter of putting ALL of one’s faith in condoms. But it is not an all-or-nothing issue. SOME people WILL engage in sex with multiple partners, and regular use of condoms will at least REDUCE the risk of disease and unwanted pregnancy.

  • pagansister

    Exactly, H4C. There are those who will be “doing it” with any person who is willing. Right or wrong, that is the way it is. Having some form of disease prevention is just common sense and might help prevent at least a few cases.

  • cknuck

    So you think persons with the mentality to do it with anybody will be interested in wearing condoms?

  • Your Name

    “So you think persons with the mentality to do it with anybody will be interested in wearing condoms?”
    Maybe not, ck. After all, the vast majority of these people will be heterosexuals.

  • Confessoressa

    It’s true that some idiots do not wear condoms (cknuck is a perfect examply by his own admission) but they should still be made widely available.

  • cknuck

    confess your attempt to insult me makes no sense, get some sense and try again.

  • cknuck

    YN have you done a study of STDs comparing the heterosexual population to the homosexual population?

  • Confessoressa

    As usual your criticism is based on your poor comprehension skills and not the content. You have stated on these boards that you engaged in casual sex without condoms, therefore you would be one of the people you described in your post.
    Does it make more sense now or do I need to break it down further for you?

  • cknuck

    confess I have never stated I engaged in causual sex but i have stated I engaged in sex without condoms. you fact keeping skills are at question not my comprehensive skills. and “break it down”? really?

  • pagansister

    cknuck….how many married men bring home STD’s to their wives? Do they ALL get it from homosexual sex minus the condom? I hardly think so, so what difference does it make just where the STD comes from? STD’s are just as dangerous to folks no matter what the origin. Thus, hopefully intelligent men and women will be prepared for that encounter during the World Cup and at any other time. Certainly many won’t…the condom will be in the wallet/purse but if just one is used, that is one less chance an STD will be spread. Of course I’m sure your thought is that all STD’s are started by homosexual sex… because the “act” is “unnatural” IYO. No matter what the gender conbination, condoms are at least a start to stopping disease.

  • cknuck

    pagan how you got to your position is a puzzle I never eluded any such thoughts about either homosexuals or STD’s. Reread and make sense please.

  • pagansister

    Sorry cknuck, if I confused you with my last post…I may have been remembering past posts by you (or not) when I wrote the above. Somewhere I got the idea that you had mentioned HIV (STD’s) being spead by homosexual sex…. Just disregard my post…However….the last statement is true, IMO. Guess just like the Boy Scout motto…”Be Prepared”.

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