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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Speaks at Climate Summit

posted by aroan

At the United Nation’s Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke. During a press conference, he said what he would say to President Obama about global warming.

Video courtesy of Odyssey Networks.

  • cknuck

    I really admire this man and although his voice will not be heard by the greedy he is right we need to downsize on our obsession with convenience and comfort.

  • cknuck

    I just got my bike out of the shop.

  • Henrietta22

    It’s the United States that has caused the bad weather in the poor countries, and we should pay for whatever these people need? How is that? Who can prove this? For years we had to put special equipment on our cars and trucks on the West Coast, and pay for it to keep the car emmissions down. The Commercial facilities reduced pollutions. What did the rest of the U.S. do? We had windmills, miles of them boardering the desert on the west coast, what did the rest of the U.S. do? Tutu makes us sound ridiculous and I resent this. When is the world going to stop making America look like the bad guys? What conveniences are readily ready to give up Ck? Your heat, your electricity, your bike? We’ve already gone green in our home and it cost big bucks. We didn’t take a vacation, we didn’t buy a new car, what else does Tutu think we should give up?

  • cknuck

    H22 I don’t know the answers to all of your questions and assertions but I do know my bike is part of the solution to reduce, (it’s a push pedal mountain bike). I know that I used to drink water right out of our local creek but I wouldn’t do that now. I do think that we have polluted our share along with other countries. I admire you and your family for your efforts in going green, but Tutu was on point the rich always take more than their share and the poor have no resources to be major polluters. Another observation H, if Tutu was promoting homosexuality instead of green he would be your hero.

  • nnmns

    cknuck’s bike is part of the solution when he rides it instead of taking a car. Use of public transit instead of driving cars is part. Telecommuting instead of traveling to work or meetings is part. Using fewer things that put greenhouse gasses in the air or whose manufacture puts a lot in the air is part of the solution. And it’s not simple but it’s vital.
    The US has been and no doubt still is the leading polluter per capita. China has so very many more people and it’s just recently overtaken us in some pollutants.
    We really need a greener, more energy efficient way of life. Or we will probably screw up the planet and the only question is how many, if any of us will survive it.

  • nnmns

    Have I mentioned this is the most important topic of the first half of this century (unless some idiot tries to take us into a war with another nuclear power).
    It’s very likely we have the capability to unintentionally make the world unlivable, at least for humans. It’s also very likely we are on track to do that. It may hurt to get off that track but the alternative is way, way worse (unless you don’t give a damn about your grandchildren or young children).
    Please encourage your politicians to get behind the policies to have America become a much “greener” place.

  • Mordred08

    cknuck: “if Tutu was promoting homosexuality instead of green he would be your hero.”
    This is like Tourette’s syndrome with you. Your hatred of us poisons everything you say. You can’t even talk about the environment without taking a snipe at us.
    And for the record, while he doesn’t “promote” homosexuality or bisexuality (what does that even mean?), Tutu does support people’s right to be “wrong” on the issue, unlike some. And unlike some, he realizes that the AIDS epidemic won’t simply end because all the gays are killed. So much for your hero.
    And I’m going to have to agree with H22. I consider myself pretty liberal (yeah, big surprise) and willing to work with the rest of the world, but all this anti-Americanism is starting to grate on me now. We don’t all take private jets to work, ok guys?

  • nnmns

    But way too many of us drive to work alone when we could take a bus or train, just for starters.
    This isn’t about liberalism or conservatism, it’s about survival for some folks now living in low lying countries and perhaps for our young children or youngish grandchildren, quite possibly for the next generation to be born.

  • cknuck

    mordred, not the brightest bulb, Tutu is right about not only America but most rich countries burn more than their share of the “earth’s” natural resources we are the biggest causes of global warming. Someone should have called us on our stuff years ago, oh that’s right someone did. You can stick with H22 and drive down to the local convenience store for a quart of milk.

  • Henrietta22

    We’ve been doing a lot to stop pollution for years, but all the states weren’t on the same page as the states that did their best. It’s the huge companys and industries that have not done their best. I’ll take Mordred to buy his milk when I buy my milk, will that please you and nnmns. ;) If you need milk at the same time I’ll even include both of you. ;)

  • nnmns

    Henrietta it will please me but as I’m sure you know that kind of thing, while great, is a small part of what we need to be doing.

  • cknuck

    I love it that you can still have a sense of humor with me H22 you are indeed a special person.

  • Henrietta22

    Thanks, Cknuck.

  • TB

    How about if south africa starts by paying back the billions and billions of dollars that America has “given” to them in the past years? Global warming is such a joke that no real scientist would support it without being forced to do so. Now that the truth is coming out the cowards change the montra to “Climate Change.” And of course blames the USA. Jealousy is a terrible thing. How about if the “poor” countries try freedom and adopt our Constitution as their own. Then they could build a nation like America too. Of course the “rich” leaders (such as Desmond Tutu with every luxury provided to him) would have to yield some power. Well, I guess that wouldn’t work. Blame America for everything, but belly up to the table — hypocrites!

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