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Abortion Case Plaintiff Arrested at Senate Hearing

WASHINGTON – The plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, who became an anti-abortion protester in recent years, was among four protesters arrested Monday for disrupting Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
Better known as “Jane Roe,” 61-year-old Norma McCorvey of Texas began screaming during the opening statement of the newest senator, Al Franken, D-Minn.
McCorvey’s suit led to the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, but she later became an anti-abortion protester.
McCorvey shouted that Sotomayor was “wrong about abortion.”
Associated Press – July 13, 2009
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  • nnmns

    She needs to get counseling. She did a good thing earlier in her life which has helped a lot of women and families. I suspect then a very concerted effort was made by anti-abortionists to convince her she was wrong or evil or whatever and now she’s kind of messed up.
    That’s a pity.

  • TerminalNewEnglander

    nnmns, I pray that the Truth be revealed to you.

  • Gwyddion9

    i agree with your thoughts on this matter.
    it was most likely a concerted effort. they, the anti choice people got their few seconds of fame. convincing her that she was wrong or evil or both, most likely, and she probably is messed up mentally. thinking for oneself is not something these groups support, which is why when i saw a bumper sticker that said, abortion stops a beating heart, i created one to counter, conservative Christianity… stops a thinking mind.

  • Pilgrim

    Abortion kills a human person. Plain and simple. What kind of twisted thought does a “thinking” mind have to go through to justify it? Abortion will be our downfall – it hurts women, kills children – a lose, lose situation.

  • nnmns

    “Abortion kills a human person.”
    Wrong. Do you think a zygote, which is an egg and sperm, or a blastocyst, consisting of maybe 150 cells, or an embryo maybe half an inch long is a “human person”? If so, you are romanticizing these things. A fetus is getting closer to being “a human person” but of course it falls short in various ways. And as for aborting any of them that’s definitely not killing a person.
    Let’s talk about the death and killing of a person. When a person we know of dies we grieve for his or her friends and family. We hope the person didn’t suffer. If we knew that person we realize we’ll miss him or her. We worry about anyone who depended on the person. I think most of us don’t feel much concern for the person who died because he or she is beyond pain and worry. If a person was killed we hope they didn’t experience much pain or terror.
    Aborting a bzef (blastocyst, zygote, embryo or fetus) doesn’t involve any of these things. There might, depending on the stage of pregnancy, be some pain but it doesn’t last long. Otherwise it’s a very uneventful death of something which might have developed into a baby but didn’t, like the roughly 25% of all pregnancies that end in miscarriages, many unknown to the woman, which the religious might reasonably call “God’s abortions”.
    So it’s an abuse of language to equate an abortion with a killing of a person.
    But in a perfect world you might want to honor that potential humanness by carrying all those bzefs to term. Except that in a perfect world you would not require all those women and families to sacrifice their physical or financial health and plans for the future to avoid aborting bzefs, most or all of which have less mental capacity than the cows and hogs and chickens we’ll be eating today with no concern.
    No, we have real people involved here with real problems and after what should be, and I’m sure usually is, serious thought they have decided the best thing is to abort. They are the closest people to these bzefs and it’s their decision. I concede the state has some interest in protecting these bzefs more and more as they ramp up to becoming humans, and Roe v. Wade was written very wisely to include that. I believe it was one of our better judicial decisions, protecting the rights of women and families and the right of the states to make abortions harder to get as the bzef nears birth.
    Some of you want to make a bright line of protection at conception. If you think about what you are calling human you realize that’s silly. I say ramp up the protection as it develops and make the bright line of total protection at birth. That’s not as simple as some people want but life’s not as simple as some people think.

  • Bob

    “Do you think… an embryo maybe half an inch long is a ‘human person’?”
    Yes, I do.

  • nnmns

    Well there you go. It’s not. Reasonable people would agree on that, unless maybe they’d been severely indoctrinated.

  • cknuck

    nnmns where on earth do you think people come from? How can they at any point be something different for all of the descriptions you employ to ease a conscience of the purposeful decision to destroy the future of another human who is on their way through the very same process that produced you, you have to call them names such as bzef blastocyst, zygote, embryo or fetus. Why are so many names required to dehumanize.

  • Smee

    So do I.
    I believe.

  • Smee

    So do I.
    I believe.

  • Windsors Child

    Your bias is showing, nnmns. You can’t honestly argue that “reasonable people” invariably agree with you on this issue. There are intelligent people on both sides of the issue. Once again it is a matter of what you believe. You believe human life begins at birth. I believe human life begins at conception. In this case at least two reasonable people disagree profoundly on this issue.

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