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Md. Mom’s Starvation Plea Pegged to Resurrection

Baltimore – Prosecutors agreed to some unusual terms to win a guilty plea from a former religious cult member charged with starving her 1-year-old son to death: If the child is resurrected, her plea will be withdrawn.
Ria Ramkissoon, 22, also agreed Monday to testify against four other members of the now-defunct religious group known as 1 Mind Ministries. All four are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Javon Thompson, whose body was kept in a suitcase packed with mothballs and fabric softener sheets long after he died.
Ramkissoon’s lawyer said the resurrection clause Ramkissoon insisted on shows that she is still “brainwashed” and needs the psychological treatment that is planned as part of her sentencing.
According to a statement of facts, the cult members stopped feeding the boy when he refused to say “Amen” after a meal. After Javon died, Ramkissoon sat next to his decomposing body and prayed for his resurrection.
Ramkissoon’s attorney, Steven D. Silverman, said Ramkissoon believes the resurrection will occur. She agreed to plead guilty only after prosecutors said they would drop the charges if the child comes back to life, Silverman said.
“This is something that she absolutely insisted upon, and this is indicative of the fact that she is still brainwashed, still a victim of this cult,” he said. “Until she’s deprogrammed, she’s not going to think any differently.”
Baltimore Circuit Judge Timothy J. Doory assured Ramkissoon that the plea would indeed be withdrawn if the child is resurrected.
Ramkissoon pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in death. She will remain in custody until she testifies against her co-defendants and will receive a suspended 20-year sentence and serve five years probation. Sentencing was scheduled for Aug. 11. By then, Ramkissoon would have spent about a year behind bars.
As part of her probation, Ramkissoon must submit to treatment, including sessions with an expert on cult behavior.
The maximum sentence for child abuse resulting in death is 30 years, and defendants typically receive between 12 and 20 years, according to Maryland sentencing guidelines.
Ramkissoon will fare much better under the plea deal than if she had pursued an insanity defense, Silverman said. A court psychiatrist found that she was both competent to stand trial and could have been held criminally responsible for Javon’s death because she knew the difference between right and wrong.
Silverman could have challenged that finding, and he said prosecutors told him they wouldn’t have stood in his way. In a letter to Silverman that outlined the terms of the plea deal, prosecutors said the finding of criminal responsibility was “somewhat surprising.”
If Ramkissoon had been found not criminally responsible in court, she would have been committed indefinitely to a state mental hospital. By pleading guilty, she will serve little jail time and still get the treatment she needs, Silverman said.
Ramkissoon’s mother and stepfather and Javon’s paternal grandmother wept in court as prosecutors described the boy’s death. The petite Ramkissoon, a native of Trinidad, was calm, answering the judge’s questions in a barely audible voice.
When asked her address, she gave the location of the city jail. Asked later whether she had any other place she called home, she said, “No.”
Ramkissoon’s mother, Seeta Khadan-Newton, said the cult manipulated her daughter into disowning her family.
“We are behind her now. We are in the past,” Khadan-Newton said.
Geraldine Ridgley, Javon’s paternal grandmother, said Ramkissoon deserves a stiffer punishment.
The boy’s father, Robert Thompson, was not in court Monday. Ridgley said he was ill. Thompson was in jail when Javon was born.
After the boy died, the cult members left his body inside the apartment where they lived until it began to decompose, according to police documents and the statement of facts. In early 2007, they stuffed the body inside a suitcase and filled it with mothballs and fabric softener sheets to mask the odor.
The cult members relocated to Philadelphia, where they befriended an elderly man and stored the suitcase in a shed behind his home. It remained there for more than a year before police found it, the documents say.
The judge also ordered the four co-defendants to appear before another judge Tuesday to receive a new trial date. Alleged cult leader Queen Antoinette and ex-members Trevia Williams and Marcus A. Cobbs are being held without bail. Steven L. Bynum is free on his own recognizance.
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  • pagansister

    After this woman is “deprogramed” she should be tried and given some time in jail…she knowingly killed her child…it was said she knew right from wrong. Of course, she is testifying against 4 other cult members, all of whom took part in the child’s death. I have the hardest time understanding HOW any parent could allow their child to just die…and withholding food? That baby suffered. Resurrection? Please! NO ONE has ever come back to life…IMO, not even JC.

  • nnmns

    It is too light a sentence, but I think that often happens when they want cooperation trying others. I hope some people spend a long time in jail for this.
    These “captcha” windows act very strangely.

  • Your Name

    Hmmm, I’m reminded of a post a coupla years back by Rod Dreher about a couple taking their infant to the Folsom Street Fair and him coming to the ‘conclusion’ that this was yet another reason why gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents.
    I wonder if this story will cause a similar epiphany with him coming to the conclusion that either rabid ‘religious’ nutwings shouldn’t be allowed to be parents or, that heterosexual religious shouldn’t be allowed to be parents?

  • nnmns

    I’d have to say she should never be allowed to have a child again.

  • jestrfyl

    If this were not so incredibly sad, tragic, and avoidable…
    This would surely be on a Letterman Top 10 List of “things that should tell you your religous beliefs are plaine olde, clear-as-a-bell, can’t-be-debated, wrong”.

  • Henrietta22

    Another article on this sad story told that the mother was brought up Hindu, and she wanted to become a Christian, her parents were against this and she got into this Christian Cult, and sadly she thought that everything that was taught to her by the Cult was what a Christian should do. She was completely brainwashed, very much like the FLDS members.

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