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Dalai Lama Says Violence Must Stop

United Press International
New Delhi – Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said Tuesday he would resign if violent protests by Tibetans didn’t cease.
“I have always made it clear that the expression of deep emotion should be in control. If it is out of control, we have no option. If the violent demonstration will continue, I would resign,” he told reporters in New Delhi, the Press Trust of India reported.
China has been battling Tibetan protests since March 10, the anniversary of the failed 1959 Tibetan rebellion against Chinese rule.
Although the Dalai Lama has rejected the accusations several times and spoken against violence, China continues to attack him as the mastermind behind the protests. He has also denied promoting Tibetan independence as China claims.
On Tuesday, the Buddhist monk asked Tibetans to refrain harming the Chinese people, the report said.
“I have always respected the Chinese people … Chinese Communism. Even most of the Tibetan protesters are ideologically Communists. I think inside or outside China, if the demonstrators utilize violent methods, I am totally against it,” the Dalai Lama said.
China has said 19 people have died in the Tibetan protests. Tibetan exiles claim the figure is at least 130.
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  • pagansister

    This is simular, if not the same as the March 18 article, on this site. The DL still hasn’t stepped down, and the protests have continued. Really wish the Tibetan’s would protest without being violent. Naturally the Chinese say the Dalai Lama is behind the protests, because they have to follow their party line. Wonder if the protests would stop if the Dalai Lama actually did step down.

  • Henrietta22

    The Dalai Lama is a man of peace he will step down if they don’t listen to his requests to stop killing and fighting. If he steps down the Tibetan activists will probably just keep on fighting a losing battle.

  • Anonymous

    Will the Dalai Lama no longer be holy if he actually resigns?

  • Hawksblood

    I would like to start with the Tibetan teachings are very simple. This world is an illusion. That being true there are only two things you can do. One is play the game or two you don’t. If you don’t you just sit back and pray like many did for many years and let the world destroy itself. Then the only other thing you can do is get involved meaning giving your life for what is true to you. Either way you need to do something or nothing. I am part native and have been lecturing for a few years and finished writing two books. The native nation has been going through the same thing but there is no attention to it. The last Res. in the US will be taking away in a few years. That means there will be only a small few left. I do see them being broken up soon enough too.
    The world is at the turning point of no return of purifacation. It is call end times. That means that it is time for every soul to be aware of what they are and not what everyone else is. It is easy to hide from what is happening to this world as well as what is happening to the children of the world but when you close your eyes you are facing your true self and what ever that means to you that is what you are. Mankind has given up a long time ago. It happened when man thought he was free. Then the word power came in and then money. Man in his own ego thinks he can change things just like our Governments think they can. In a sad way we are that Government. We allowed it to become what it is. We let let go of free energy in the US fifty years ago. We allowed the native people to be almost completly destroyed. That is just the same as China leading us into war.
    I want to say that peace is only that when every body in the world agrees on that. That will not happen by humans alone and only if there is an intervention will it ever change. I believe that we live to die. See the movie the fountain. How we play the game is just that. I believe it is better to burn out then to fade away. The native people were telling themselfs to keep giving and the only thing it got them was murdered and more suffering. Then in the end being forced to live under the alien’s rule. Dieing in your own truth is better then living in someone elses. I know peace is right but we are not living in a world of it. We never did in our proven time frame.
    When man realizes that God works from within us will It ever be able to work outside of us. Tommy Hawksblood

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