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Evangelist Mum on Who’ll Win 2008 Race

Associated Press
Norfolk, Va. – Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Wednesday that 2008 will be a year of violence worldwide and a recession in the United States, followed by a major stock-market crash by 2010.
Praying about events in the coming year and sharing what he believes God has told him is an annual tradition for Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network.
“The Lord was saying that there’s going to be violence and chaos in the world,” Robertson said on his “700 Club” news-and-talk show.
“We’ve just begun to see what’s going to happen, and the nations are going to be convulsed with violence,” he said, citing as an example unrest in Pakistan after the death of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
Evangelism will increase because more people are going to be seeking God as the chaos develops, he said.
“We will see the presence of angels and we will see an intensification of miracles around the world, which I think is going to be a wonderful thing,” he said.
He also predicted that there will be a recession, oil will reach $150 a barrel and the U.S. dollar will continue to fall. He added that there will be a major stock-market crash in 2009 or 2010.
Robertson’s past predictions have included presidential politics; in 2004 he said God told him President Bush would be re-elected in a blowout. He declined Wednesday to say who will win the 2008 race.
“I’ll just keep that to myself and look with horror at what may be happening,” he said with a laugh.
Robertson also noted that one especially horrible prediction he made last year – that a terrorist act, possibly involving a nuclear weapon, would result in a mass killing in the United States – did not come to pass.
“All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us,” Robertson said.
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  • JohnQ

    And God sent me a single word when I read the above article.
    The word was: charlatan

  • nnmns

    “The Lord was saying that there’s going to be violence and chaos in the world,”
    Well, duh.
    “He also predicted that there will be a recession, oil will reach $150 a barrel and the U.S. dollar will continue to fall.”
    The recession has started, they say. Credit disaster, high oil, our treasury leaking into the sands of Iraq with our kids’ blood and that of a million or so Iraqis not to mention our honor and reputation. I think a recession and falling dollar are very good bets. China and India trying to mimic our disastrous wastage of resources and predictions oil extraction has reached its peak; yes, I’d think oil could easily hit $150 this year.
    And global warming gets worse and worse, so if he predicts a kind of Armageddon, an event where a lot of people die and times get a lot harder for the rest, it’s probably just a question of how many years or decades, not how many centuries.
    Hey, Happy New Year!

  • pagansister

    And anyone should care what this “loony tune” has to say about anything?
    I especially like the fact that his prediction that a terrorist act possibly involving a nuclear weapon, resulting in mass killing in the United States DIDN’T happen …all because “somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us.” Sure, it was all that prayer that saved us! Hello! Robertson has no idea what is going to happen in the world in 2008 or any other time. He just has to look around and expand on it. Kind of hard to be too wrong.
    God told him “W” would be re-elected in 2004?” What could God have been thinking in allowing that to happen!
    I think if those folks who might be seeking God looked around and saw what was happening they might decide to look elsewhere for comfort. The God they are seeking seems to not be in control of anything as far as I can see. Does 9/11 ring a bell?

  • JohnQ

    Would you repost the following post on the Episcopal article. I have been trying to post this for hours. Howerver, I keep getting the blog owner approval message. I suppose it is because I posted do many times on that article.
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  • Henrietta22

    Quote: He declined wednesday to say who will win the 2008 race, saying “I’ll just keep that to myself and look with horror at what may be happening”.
    I guess he means if the Democrats win he’ll look with horror! on the disasters ahead….while the rest of us will say, thankyou Father!

  • jestrfyl

    “who cares?”
    the sound of me leaving the room and the door closing.

  • Paul Mitchell

    And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him. But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
    When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. Deuteronomy 18:19-21

  • nnmns

    JohnQ, it finally showed up there. I think sometimes they flag postings with URLS to look over and other times they don’t.
    Paul Mitchell your post reminds me again how hard it is to try to make sense out of the Bible. When instruction manuals were being discussed it was popular to call the Bible the instruction manual for the world. As was pointed out then, any company that wrote a manual that unclear would long since be out of business.
    But any person who lives his or her life by the Bible and knows it well can no doubt find justification for doing any darned thing they please. And Pat Robertson probably knows his Bible very well.

  • nnmns

    Paul, as I read that a couple more times it seems to be saying if a prophet predicts things that don’t happen that’s not a real prophet. You’d think Christians would take that verse to heart but it seems to be one that’s widely ignored, otherwise how could all those preachers down through the ages who’ve predicted Armageddon real soon now keep their jobs? Why would people keep contributing to them after they’ve been so wrong for so long? Is it a failing of the believers that they just don’t catch on? Do they hate their money that they keep giving it away to phonies? Are they unable to learn from experience?

  • friendofsaints&angels

    Pat Robertson has been saying alot of things for a long time, but nobodys listening. I believe that a spirit of some kind is talking to him, but I also don’t believe that this is the Holy Spirit, if ya know what I mean. This is not a personal attack against the man, but I just think that He likes to see His name in the news, kind of like a Brittany Spears.

  • DonHildenbrand

    It’s a good thing most Christians (of which I is one… sort of… lol) DON’T take the Bible too literally. In addition to the verse Paul posted, which means exactly what you said it seems to mean, there are other verses which clearly say that a prophet who prophesies something that doesn’t happen shall DIE…. the meaning being that the hearers of the fake prophecy take him out and kill ’em….
    Wonder if Pat knows THAT one?
    As to WHY “they” keep on giving, think of it in the same terms as buyung a lottery ticket. You may have been buying them for years, and never “hit”. BUT… one day, baby, my ships comin’ in! So, when a preacher tells them over and over that God will bless THEM financially when they bless PAT financially, the thinking is… “Maybe NEXT time…” Faith is a powerful force, both for good and for… well, not so good.
    Myself, I wrote to Robert Tilton years ago, and said, “If God will give me a thousand dollars if I give you a hundred, then send me a million dollars and God will give you a billion. Daddy always said you should cut out the middleman.”
    For some reason, he never answered…..

  • JohnQ

    Yes, my post finally did show up. The one I posted above also was caught in limbo for an number of hours prior to appearing above.
    Thanks anyway.
    BTW, I very much appreciate your posts. Your posts usually reflect more empathy and compassion (essential Christian principles) than many of the self-avowed “Christians” that post here. Yes, I do realize that empathy and compassion are in no stretch of the imagination exclusively Christian. However, if one really follows the teachings of Christ…they are essential to Christianity.

  • nnmns

    JohnQ, thank you. That makes my day :).

  • Peanut

    People like Pat Robertson give true Christianity (what Christ and the Bible say) a bad name and a bad influence. Pat Robertson is a FAKE. Please, do not judge real Christians and the real Christian faith based on the illogical and manipulative ploys this man tries to pull over the public. Pat Robertson does NOT speak for God. Robertson is a liar. The very Bible that Robertson claims to believe in contradicts his behavior and his so-called prophetic words. Even though Robertson’s words make it seem as if God makes bad things happen to earth, He does not. The Bible declares that God is a God of mercy and truth and justice. He is a refuge for all who are hurting, in bondage, and lost. Pat Robertson does NOT speak for the God of the Bible. Period. Do not let him fool you into thinking that what he represents is truly Christianity or that he is a representative of Christianity. The proof that he doesn’t really believe the Bible is in his failing to follow the Bible.

  • Peanut

    Want to add a thank you to Paul for posting the guidelines for recognizing a false prophet from a real one as found in Deuteronomy. Also, I’d like to mentions that Jesus Christ warned that not all who call him “Lord” are truly born-again (Christian), so what He was telling us is that not everyone who says he is a Christian or speaks for “God” is genuine. Jesus Christ also said that they will be known by their fruit. A good tree does not produce bad fruit and a bad tree does not produce good fruit. Pat Robertson has been producing bad fruit for a long time, giving himself away to those who remember what Jesus said. One of the things Robertson is a hypocrite on is the abortion issue. He has advocated abortion in China while pretending to be against abortion in America. Jesus also said that false prophets and false teachers would come after He went back to heaven, and that they would try to fool people by appearing like the real thing. He called them wolves wearing sheep’s clothing. There are many of those in the world today, just like he said, and Pat Robertson, as tested by the word of God, is one of them. Please don’t let this charlatan turn you off the word of God. He is not a true representative of God’s word. He is one of the wolves that Jesus warned us about. He told us so that we could know about these types; so that we won’t be so easily fooled. God’s word is full of wisdom and information. Every prophecy about the Lord Jesus Christ has been fulfilled except for the ones telling of his second coming, because the time for His return has not yet come. Pat Robertson, if he knows much of the Bible at all, probably uses it as a book of memorization so that he can sound like a real Christian, but it is doubtful he really believes what it says. If he did believe it, he would practice it.

  • nnmns

    Well, Peanut, if you don’t want Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, Bauer, Reed, etc. to represent Christianity you’ve got to complain when news organizations go to them for the “Christian” response to an issue. When people claiming to represent Christianity oppose teaching real science and real sex education you’ve got to stand up and say they do not represent Christianity. I know they don’t represent all Christians; I see infinitely better ones on here regularly. But they claim to represent Christianity and they don’t get challenged.
    The moral, rational Christians need to take their religion away from the greedy, power-loving folks who are so often the face of it now.

  • John E.

    The Earth quakes and the heavens rattle; the beasts of nature flock together and the nations of men flock apart; volcanoes usher up heat while elsewhere water becomes ice and melts; and then on other days it just rains.
    Indeed do many things come to pass.

  • rage

    What? No word from the Lord through Pastor Pat on our most immediate future? Praise the LORD!

  • InHisSteps

    nnmms makes a valid point, we can complain all we want about them here, but the people who need to hear are not listening. Perhaps our goal for 2008 should be let more people know about false teachers. Not through name-calling and finger pointing, but through what God’s Word says to look out for.

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