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  I love how laughter is contagious. I laughed all the way through this video and now I Feel Good (nanananana…I knew that I would…nanananan….)!  He has got to have the cutest giggle ever.

Yesterday Cyrus put himself in the corner. I’m not sure what he had done but he seemed to think it was necessary.

I’m finding one can learn a lot from a little Lola pig: Follow your gut when dealing with new acquaintances. A few days ago my mom and dad came down to the pen to meet their grand-pig. I put Lola’s […]

….are just like this:  

This month marks the four-year-anniversary of us moving on to our little five-acre farm. I look back over my “I had never” list: I had never planted a garden I had never raised a chicken I had never raised a […]

Here’s another little video clip that made me happy and I hope it makes you happy, too!  The children and parents have no idea what is happening when an improvisational theater team (love that!) turn a carousel in to a […]

A few nights ago I watched a TED video of  researcher Brene Brown speaking about the power of vulnerability. TED is a fabulous video spot where a variety of brilliant minds share on the subjects for which they are passionate. […]

  This made me laugh which is a good thing. My entire family has a silly cold but we know: “A merry heart does good like a medicine. ” Proverbs  17:22. This is my Tylenol Cold and Flu 🙂

How we talk around here: “Lydia, can you please go tell the chickens I need three more eggs to make a dozen?” (few minutes later) “Mom, here’s two and I told Red Rhoda we needed one more and she said, […]