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I just found out that Steve Jobs, Apple CEO,  has passed away. When I saw this quote of his, I was reminded of a story…. Back in our church days it was easy to get caught up in filling the […]

The child has been running. The child’s face is red and blotchy. The child is gulping for air. The child huffs out the words I’ve heard so many times in the past five years, “Mom! We saw a snake!!” I […]

Last night’s walking-Lola routine was similar to the other nights. When I put the harness on her,  she screamed-squealed so loudly and convincingly that I thought I had hurt her. As soon as the harness was in place, though, she […]

I was looking through some things I had written years ago and I found this little impromptu essay I had written to my niece about money. At this time we had just returned from a life-changing move to South Dakota. […]

Meet Jane. Jane is a normal girl living a normal life. This is her life: 6:45 a.m: Jane’s alarm clock goes off. She moans, growls, hits the snooze, rolls over and tries to pretend she’s not awake. She doesn’t want […]

My children started attending our library’s Summer Reading Program years ago and I loved to see each performance through their  eyes. What I realized quickly was the performances that were polished and suave did not impress them at all. They […]

Last night I was in a deep, deep slumber when Annabelle the Cat came to my door and began her “I have hunted and brought you the kill” chant….so loud and so insistent that it overcame the earplugs. I stumbled […]