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Because I’m a blogger for I was one of the lucky ones who received a copy of Donna Johnson’s memoir, Holy Ghost Girl, months before it was released. It will be available in bookstores tomorrow: October 13! When it […]

My friend told me this story: she was having lunch with her mom and the mother said, “I’m sorry I did wrong by you. I didn’t spend enough time with you when you were little because I was too busy fulfilling my own goals.”  […]

Wow. Wow. Wow. This just blew me away. I’ve always loved Carrie and this performance is just truly astounding….a “go down in history” kind of performance.  Carrie was most definitely shining…and so in her happy place! You can see the […]

“Mom, you know why I believe in the Easter Bunny? Because you couldn’t have hidden such a great basket with all of this stuff in your room! I know because I looked everywhere!”—Lydia, age seven. There is a lot of […]