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I was looking through some of my scrapbooks and marveling over the fact that I created them when the children were….well…children! They were small children. I know many of you like to scrapbook and maybe you’re having a hard time […]

I was looking through some things I had written years ago and I found this little impromptu essay I had written to my niece about money. At this time we had just returned from a life-changing move to South Dakota. […]

  So…has it happened yet? Have you looked in your garden and found your first cucumber? Well, if you haven’t, it’s bound to happen soon (well…if you have a garden…and if you planted cucumbers, that is!). I love to grow […]

One of my friends caught a glimpse of a photo I had taken of a one-day-old baby bunny and she shuddered and said, “WHAT is THAT?” That’s when it dawned on me that unless one has actually bred rabbits, she […]

Sometimes I’ll stop and realize that I’m not living my life. Instead, sometimes I waste my life. I waste it wishing for the next bit of life. I thought it would be interesting to write an extreme example of how […]

Meet Jane. Jane is a normal girl living a normal life. This is her life: 6:45 a.m: Jane’s alarm clock goes off. She moans, growls, hits the snooze, rolls over and tries to pretend she’s not awake. She doesn’t want […]

This story…and this song…made me cry just as hard as it made the middle judge cry. Make sure you listen through his entire song and what is said after. I love the *connection* he made with the audience….his sincere heart […]

A few nights ago I watched a TED video of  researcher Brene Brown speaking about the power of vulnerability. TED is a fabulous video spot where a variety of brilliant minds share on the subjects for which they are passionate. […]

My children started attending our library’s Summer Reading Program years ago and I loved to see each performance through their  eyes. What I realized quickly was the performances that were polished and suave did not impress them at all. They […]