My Happy Place

“If you had told me five years ago we would be going on a cruise, I would have laughed at you and told you that was for ‘rich folk'”, Joe says as he flips his suitcase open with his finger and begins to pack.

That statement makes me construct an image of us now and place it next to an image of us five years ago for comparison sake. Five years ago we lived in a five bedroom house in town. Today we live in a 1400 square foot extremely modest house in the country. Five years ago Joe made more money. Five years ago we only had a few cats but now we have over 60 animals who require a serious pet-sitter when we go on vacation!

So why was a cruise out of a question then but now it makes perfect sense?

Because our idea of reality changed.

Five years ago we stopped making judgments on each thing…placing them in piles of things we could have and things we couldn’t. We called that pile-making “reality” but, in fact, it was simply a stifling lie. Five years ago we learned that we simply needed to choose what we wanted because anything and everything was within our reach. And then we learned to relax and watch as the provision came…every. time: in fun and crazy and miraculous packages.

It’s hard to explain or describe the “shift” but it was monumental to how we live. When we started to accept the possibilities as real possibilities…instead of just discounting everything as “not for us”, then we opened ourselves to receive. We started to dream and expect. Our vision broadened and we were able to see what could be. It was like coming out of a dark room and waiting for our eyes to adjust and then “Wow! Look at all the colors!”

And so I dare ya….let go of “reality” and embrace possibility! Then tell me…what are you expecting?

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