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Many thanks to my friend John Hanlon for including me in his round-up of some of the harshest reviews of the awful “Mother’s Day.”


I tried, Garry Marshall, I really did, but you finally broke me. I did my best to enjoy Valentine’s Day (I called it a tweet of a movie but gave it a B for being mildly entertaining) and New Year’s […]


Director Garry Marshall is working his way through the calendar with another all-star, multi-story holiday tribute. This time, it’s Mother’s Day, with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Margo Martindale, Jason Sudeikis, and Timothy Olyphant.


Some of my favorites from 50 Must-See Movies: Mothers (free this weekend!):

In honor of Mother’s Day, my ebook 50 Must-See Movies: Mothers will be free on Amazon through Monday, May 8-11, 2015. No relationship is more primal, more fraught, more influential, more worried over, more nourishing when good and more devastating […]

For Mother’s Day, share some of these movies featured in my book, 50 Must-See Movies: Mothers. Claudia Before they went on to co-star in the luminous romance, “The Enchanted Cottage,” Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young played a young married couple […]