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Start the new year by joining this wonderful project and find out how being grateful will transform your life.


Mary Baratta Lorton was a pioneering teacher whose revolutionary ideas about making learning more accessible and involving transformed nearly every classroom in America in the 1970’s.  Her books included Mathematics Their Way.  Tragically, she was murdered.  The killer was never found.  Her […]


We pride ourselves — for better and worse — about being very open and modern in contemporary society.  Topics that were previously not spoken of in polite society are discussed openly — sex, money, race, politics, religion.  But the one […]


Really!  It looks awesome, doesn’t it?

One of the most influential writers of the 20th century was J.D. Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye.  He spent the last decades of his life living quietly, almost reclusively, writing but not publishing anything more from 1960 […]

Are you worried about what the NSA knows about you?  Then this is ten times scarier.

I sat down to watch an early screener of “Muscle Shoals,” the new documentary about a tiny Alabama town and the two music studios that produced some of the biggest records of all time.  Ten minutes later, I stopped it […]

The wonderful, poignant OWN documentary “Becoming Santa” is now available on DVD.  I wrote about the movie when it was shown on OWN.

“Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery” is a documentary from HBO about “the saddest acre in America,” the final resting place of our military who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afganistan.  Emmy-winning producers Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill (Baghdad […]

Eugene Jarecki’s new documentary about the failure of the drug wars by any standard — economic, practical, moral — is a powerful and sobering call for treating drug abuse as a public health problem and not a criminal problem.  I […]

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