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This is genuinely touching.

The best Super Bowl commercials this year: Most touching: Audi pays tribute to girl power and great dads. Also: Tributes to the diversity of America with Airbnb’s #weaccept and Coke’s “America the Beautiful” Cutest: Justin Bieber explores “unlimited” touchdown dances […]

I love this commercial and I love these wonderful dads.

In this ad from Wells Fargo, a couple learns sign language to welcome their new daughter.

The real competition at the Super Bowl is for the commercials, right? This Snickers ad is a hoot.

Which one are you looking forward to?

Phil Hall has a delightful collection of “before they were stars” television ads featuring Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, James Dean, Morgan Freeman, Matt LeBlanc, Steve Carell, and more. Here’s one I love that he left out, with pre-“Laverne and Shirley” […]

I love this ad! What an invigorating, empowering, life-affirming video.  Thank you Sports England.

Bravo Target! An adorable 2-year-old from Minnesota named Izzy Bradley is featured in this ad for Target. She has Down Syndrome. Thanks very much to Target for understanding — and spreading the message — that all kinds of beauty are […]