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(A-) Wall•E

Genre: Science-Fiction
MPAA Rating: G     Audience: All Ages
700 years after the last humans left the planet they had made uninhabitable through environmental degradation, one small robot is still continuing to crunch the mountains of trash. He is a Waste A...

(A-) Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

MPAA Rating: G     Audience: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
Telegraph Hill, overlooking the North Beach section of San Francisco, is a place where all kinds of creatures from all kinds of places can feel welcome. One of them is onetime musician Mark Bittner...

(B+) Winnie the Pooh

Genre: Series/Sequel
MPAA Rating: G     Audience: All Ages
Disney's latest film lovingly captures the magic of A.A. Milne's » Read Review

(A+) The Wizard of Oz

Genre: Talking animals
MPAA Rating: G     Audience: All Ages
The 70th anniversary of this all-time classic is being celebrated with a beautiful new DVD release, a great chance for the family to sit down and watch what is probably the all-time greatest family...