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Watch what happens when Parisians find portals to other countries in a city square.

From AISH — Passover Funk! A blessed Passover to all who celebrate. May Elijah visit you all. (I can’t believe this guy manages to catch his kippah!)

Easter always makes me think of this Disney classic.

“Love — the only reason that we’re alive.”

The excited filmmakers noted that this was Chile’s first Oscar — for this animated short about a bear taken from his family to be in a circus, an allegory for the families torn apart by Pinochet’s regime.

No filmmaker is more inventive than OK Go, and their latest has them literally floating on air.

This is a lovely film — highly recommended for all families.

“World of Tomorrow” turned up on several “best of the year” lists from movie critics. It has been nominated for an Oscar as best animated short film, and can be seen now on Vimeo (for a nominal fee) and Netflix […]