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When you ask people what happiness is, their answers may surprise you.

I love this Danish commercial about how much more important our smilarities are than our differences.

Thanks to Dana Stevens and the Slate Culture Gabfest for recommending the very clever music parodies by Dustin and Genevieve. I love this “Lion King” update for the era of social media. (Check out their very sweet proposal video, too.)

A new series from Starbucks pays tribute to “Upstanders,” stories, films, and podcasts about people who make a difference with kindness and generosity.

This perfectly captures the spirit of the season.

If at first you don’t succeed….

Parents are never prepared to answer the “Where do babies come from?” question. When writer/director Evan Blank was asked to write a comically awkward scene, he remembered his own conversation with his father. Twinkies and Donuts is his cute, comedically […]

Watch what happens when Parisians find portals to other countries in a city square.