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I love this Danish commercial about how much more important our smilarities are than our differences.

The best Super Bowl commercials this year: Most touching: Audi pays tribute to girl power and great dads. Also: Tributes to the diversity of America with Airbnb’s #weaccept and Coke’s “America the Beautiful” Cutest: Justin Bieber explores “unlimited” touchdown dances […]

I love this commercial and I love these wonderful dads.

This perfectly captures the spirit of the season.

Margaret Qualley (daughter of Andie MacDowell) stars in a new commercial for Kenzo Perfume, directed by Spike Jonze (“Her,” “Being John Malkovich,” “Where the Wild Things Are”) and it is wonderfully, deliciously, deliriously nutty. The choreography is by Ryan Heffington […]

Cheers to Honey Maid for paying tribute to all kinds of love and for making graham crackers, which make the best dessert crusts!

This ad for Barbie (yes, Barbie!) is captivating. It’s not about the dream house — it’s about the dreams.

Have you ever wanted to let an advertiser know what you thought of the commercial? Or just checked out the actor or theme music? is a great site with commercials and background info, with comments from viewers on what […]

In this ad from Wells Fargo, a couple learns sign language to welcome their new daughter.