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One of the highlights of my year is Ebertfest, founded by Roger Ebert as the Underlooked Film Festival in his hometown of Champaign/Urbana Illinois, the home of the University of Illinois. What I love about the festival is the community […]

Mckenna Grace is the star of “Gifted,” playing Mary, a first grader with extraordinary mathematics ability, living with her Uncle Frank, played by Chris Evans. In an interview, she talked about what she and Evans did off camera, crying on […]

The new film from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow is “Detroit,” set in one of the most tense and violent moments of civil unrest in US history, Detroit in the summer of 1967. The cast includes some of my favorite actors: […]

New York Magazine has a fascinating article about Danny Rubin, screenwriter of comedy classic “Groundhog Day,” who is now adapting the story into a Broadway musical. This is the story of how Danny Rubin wrote Groundhog Day not once but […]

Some Easter eggs (hidden puzzles and inside references) from the new Rogue One DVD:

Hag sameach!

The casting of Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost in the Shell” is just the most recent “whitewashing” that has created controversy and played at least a contributing factor to the poor results at the box office. Audiences have understandably objected to […]

John O’Hurley may be best known for playing a fictionalized version of the founder of the J. Peterman catalogue on “Seinfeld.” In his new film “Swing Away,” he also plays something of a fictionalized version of a real-life character. In […]

Mark Joseph writes in Relevant Magazine about the problem with self-categorized “faith-based” films. His films include “Max Rose” with Jerry Lewis and the touching “The Vessel.” Both films explore spiritual topics of meaning and intimacy without being explicitly Christian. The […]