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Kaitlyn Maher, who enchanted millions with her appearances on “America’s Got Talent,” has a sweet, clear voice and a sunny personality. She is quite busy these days, appearing in Disney’s new Santa Buddies DVD and singing on the soundtrack. And she has a new CD coming out in December, You Were Meant To Be. Two singles will be available for download next week on her website. She will soon star in a new Disney film, “The Search for Santa Paws,” and is a special ambassador to help in the campaign to help poor children throughout the world. She has toured the US and abroad, singing before audiences in concerts, charities, and sporting events.

Imagine what she will do when she is six.

Yes, Kaitlyn is just five years old. And she and her mother Alison took the time to speak with me about what she is up to, from singing and song-writing to taking care of her baby brother.

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NM: Do you like being the voice of Tiny the puppy in the new “Santa Buddies” movie?

KM: He’s really cute! I love Tiny because he saves the day and is sweet and nice and cute, and he sings. He shares his love and that’s what I like to do! I think it is wonderful that I get to sing in the movie. I love acting but singing is my favorite thing do to. The song in the movie is “The Christmas Miracle.”

NM: How old were you when you started singing?

I was just one year old.

NM: Are there some Christmas songs on your new CD?

KM: “God Rest Ye” and “Away in a Manger.” My favorite songs to sing are “Amazing Grace” and “Daddy I Love You.” I helped write that song and another one called “Dreams Come True.

NM: Do you have a favorite toy?

KM: I have Samantha, the American Girl. We have some tea and we just play together and I read books to her. I sing to her a lot! I help my baby brother stack his blocks when he needs some help and when he can’t reach something that he wants.

NM: And what movies do you like?

KM: I like to watch the princess movies, “Cinderella” and “Snow White.”

NM: What do you love most about singing?

KM: I wanted to bless people and give them hope and help cheer up their day when they’re having a bad day. I never really have a bad day, I’m always reading books and playing with my baby brother and going to school.

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