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Idol Chatter has posted a list of the five best movies celebrating the American Dream. All good choices: Avalon and An American Tail (about the immigrant experience), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington about an idealistic young Senator, and Rocky, the Bicentennial boxing classic. I was especially happy to see one of my favorites that never got the audience it deserved on the list: America’s Heart & Soul a touching, inspiring, stirring, and thrilling documentary about the American spirit. grapes of wrath.jpg
You_Can't_Take_It_with_You.gifLoyal reader jestrfyl suggests the “Back to the Future” movies, the “National Treasure” movies, and “Pleasantville.” I would add movies like Best Picture Oscar winners You Can’t Take It With You, All the President’s Men, and On the Waterfront , because an essential element of the American dream is the triumph over tyranny and corruption. And I’d also include fact-based movies like “Glory,” “Young Mr. Lincoln,” and “The Right Stuff,” because the most American of dreams is the idea that there are no limits on what we can accomplish beyond the limits of our own imagination and daring.

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