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I am looking for the title to a movie from late 70s or 80s about a group of US teenagers on field trip to Europe (I think a French class to Paris) that get embroiled in a spy plot where the male protagonist/classmate gets mistaken for an agent and plays the hero’s role– a comedy action film.
Angelinonsf was right on this one — it is “If Looks Could Kill” with Richard Grieco.
The 1985 movie <a href="Gotcha! with Anthony Edwards had him involved with a spy but not mistaken for one. Thanks, Angelinonsf!
I can’t find the name of the TV show or name of the judge that had court cases on tv in the 80’s or early 90’s. He was an older male, bald, and was once a referee in an Evander Holyfield championship boxing match. He himself was once a boxer.
That is Judge Mills Lane. (Thanks to my son the boxing expert for the assist on that one.)
What is the name of the movie with the little boy who writes letters to “his father” who is on a “ship.” His mom answers his letters and mails them back to him. When the ship “his dad is on” is scheduled to dock in their town, the boy gets really excited about meeting his dad. So she puts an ad in the paper to hire someone to pretend to be the boy’s dad for the duration of the ship’s stay. I saw the trailer once and forgot the name. I think it is a couple of years old. Anyhow, she ends up really liking the guy. I don’t know what happens next because I have not seen the movie. Can you help me find out the name of the movie so I can finally rent it?
dear%20frankie.jpgThat lovely movie is <a href="Dear Frankie“ with Emily Mortimer and Gerard Butler. Enjoy!
What is the name of the family movie from the 80’s (I think) where a little boy kept seeing bubbles in an old flooded quarry and the “monster” turned out to be an old piece of machinery?
That is a 1986 movie called <a href="The Quest“ with Henry Thomas, who was the star of “E.T.”
There was a movie in which some kids attempt to teach a bully a lessen. He drowns by accident and they panic and cover it up he drowns in a river on a boat trip after playing truth or dare, I think.
That movie is Mean Creek (2004). Very sensitively done, with beautiful performances.
What is the name of the movie where a little boy is chasing someone saying “where’s my $2?”
That movie is 1985’s Better Off Dead with John Cusack.

Can you tell me the name of this movie? It’s about a developmentally disabled young woman and her brother. With some sort of new medical treatment, the woman starts to become able to communicate for the first time. She and her brother get to know each other. She’s a “free spirit,” dancing in the middle of a restaurant, for instance, and living life very fully. She falls in love with an aide from the hospital (or someplace). He teaches her how to ride a bike. Her brother is protective of her. Then she starts losing her new abilities (she can no longer ride the bike; this is the beginning of it), and her brother freaks out and hides from the situation by working on his boat. But then they reconcile. I think he has her come live with him.
The name of the film is Molly and it stars Elisabeth Shue and Aaron Eckhart.
I am guessing 50’s or 60’s. About a family with a few kids, they take on an orphan, mean, angry little boy with a brace on his leg. Kid joins scouting and he really transforms into a great kid. Everyone happy, the end. I can’t even remember 1 actor. Please help, Thank you.
That’s one of my favorites — “Room for One More” with Cary Grant from 1952, unfortunately not available yet on DVD or
Its a movie about a guy that lived in the 1940s dies and goes to some type of heaven. He meets and falls in love with a girl there, but then when it is her turn to go down to earth he asks who ever is incharge to send him down to earth again so he can be with her. the Man in charge tells him that he won’t remember her, but he doesn’t care. So he goes back down in the 1970s and is born into a broken home with really bad parents, and when he grows up he runs into her. I think not sure but I think Keanu Reeves is in it
That is Made in Heaven with Tim Hutton, released in 1987.
What’s the name of that film released this year where the bloke’s fiancee dies and I think he moves in with her parents and then meets someone else? It’s based on the director’s or writer’s real life and I think his fiancee was a well-known actress.moonlight%20mile.jpg
That is the 2002 film Moonlight Mile with Jake Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, and “Gray’s Anatomy’s” Ellen Pompeo. Brad Silberling was the writer-director and the film was inspired by the death of his fiancee, Rebecca Shaeffer, a television star killed by a stalker.
A young woman marries a man or I think they were married. anyway she went on to have his son. He was killed in the war, his family thought it best that they bring up the child for
her as they are well off. She is only known to him as Aunt. Along the way she has tried to tell him she is his mother. Like I said I dont know the end. Its not the white Cliffs of Dover – or the Peter Lawford movie where the mother is an alcoholic. Although I always thought the son was played by Peter Lawford – I’m probably wrong.

That’s To Each His Own with Olivia de Havilland (who won an Oscar). John Lund played her son.
Recently there was a movie about two bad guys, one being Czech and the other a Russian. I believe the movie starts in Prague and wind up in NYC. The Russian swipes a cam-corder (wanted to be a director)and films their dasterly deeds. I’m not sure but I thought it was a Bruce Willis flick. Would appreaciate any help on this. Thank you.
That film is 15 Minutes with Robert DeNiro and Edward Burns.
Years ago I saw a movie about a older woman retiring and her children wanted her to move in their basement. She was not comfortable with the arrangement and instead went to live with a daughter in Australia. This did not work out so she bought a “hot looking” car from a neighbor boy and took off to explore Australia. One scene I remember quite well was where she was sitting naked in a circle with a group of Aborigines. I want to say it was Olympia Dukakis…not sure. Could you tell me the name of the movie??
That film is Over the Hill and yes, it stars Olympia Dukakis.

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