Mormon Inquiry

The high profile role that members of the LDS Church played in the Yes on 8 campaign in California continues to generate news.  One of the milder online pieces is “Pro-Liberty, Not Anti-Mormon” at On Faith, by a writer and “civil liberties advocate” who participated in a recent march directed at the LDS temple in Manhattan.

After almost five years of blogging at the old Typepad site, I am pleased to move Mormon Inquiry here to Beliefnet and publish new posts to a wider audience. I will still be addressing the steady parade of LDS stories in the media and posts from other blogs, as well as general religion and policy issues that relate to Mormon life and culture in one way or another. For whatever reason, there seems to be more interest in Mormonism than ever before — I hope this site responds to some of that new curiosity in and focus on LDS history, doctrine, and practice. I am always interested in responding to questions from readers, either in a future post or by email, so feel free to post questions as they arise.