Mormon Inquiry

A very interesting post at Mormon Matters, reviewing a 1989 book titled “Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up?” The book was written by an attorney who grew up a Jehovah’s Witness, then became an Evangelical Christian. That lasted until he conducted a thorough reading the original writings of the pre-Nicene Church Fathers.

This is a second piece on Bushman’s Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2008). [See Part 1.] Every faith and denomination has an approach for balancing faith and reason. In Chapter Two of the book, Bushman briefly outlines the LDS approach.

Some, not all. Harry Potter is back in theaters this week, to the consternation of some conservative Christians. See the lengthy Wikipedia discussion under “Religious debates over the Harry Potter series” for a gentle summary. The Catholic position has changed for the positive recently: “Harry Potter Finally Receives Vatican Blessing.” Few Mormons have any problem with the books or movies. For some interesting reflections on why not, read the recent post “Harry Potter, the Supernatural, and Modern Mormonism.”

It is sometimes difficult for Protestants and Evangelicals to understand that the LDS Church is not simply another Protestant denomination with a well-defined catechism or creed. It is expected to be well defined since, in the Protestant world, those with different doctrinal views quite easily split off to form their own denomination, movement, or megachurch affirming a slightly different set of well-defined doctrines. The idea that Mormonism is more like a religious tradition embracing a range of doctrines rather than a denomination with a narrow doctrinal range is not easily grasped. Views on inerrancy are a good example of this.