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This is a second piece on Bushman’s Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2008). [See Part 1.] Every faith and denomination has an approach for balancing faith and reason. In Chapter Two of the book, Bushman briefly outlines the LDS approach.

It is sometimes difficult for Protestants and Evangelicals to understand that the LDS Church is not simply another Protestant denomination with a well-defined catechism or creed. It is expected to be well defined since, in the Protestant world, those with […]

Good question. For some answers, read Peggy Fletcher Stack’s Salt Lake Tribune article “Mormons and the cross.” The article suggests the LDS practice of avoiding use of the cross is a cultural practice that developed in the 20th century rather […]

The Mormon Times has a short write-up on a presentation given by Terryl Givens at UVU (that’s Utah Valley University) on the preexistence in Western thought, the topic of his soon-to-be-released book. While the doctrine certainly has its appeal, it […]

A pleasantly entertaining op-ed piece from the Belfast Telegraph: “What if Mormons are right and Catholics and Protestants are wrong?” Not only does the writer cover in short order the ancient Christian tradition of baptism for the dead and why […]

From Things of My Soul, “Creeping Mormonism,” relating the author’s surprise at seeing distinctively Mormon doctrines and beliefs, such as the idea of eternal marriage, sometimes appear in Protestant preaching or practice. It’s a two-way street, of course: many of […]

This is the second post drawing on E. Brooks Holifield’s Theology in America: Christian thought from the age of the Puritans to the Civil War (see first post here). The broad themes Holifield draws from American religion in the 19th […]

One approach to understanding early Mormonism and its doctrines is to compare it with other denominations of the same period. In E. Brooks Holifield’s book Theology in America, Mormonism is covered in Chapter 16, “The Immediacy of Revelation,” which also […]

This is the first of several posts on Blomberg and Robinson’s How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation. The format of the book is its biggest strength — each chapter contains a joint conclusion in which […]

From the newish blog The Liberal Mormon That Could, run by an “irreverent twenty-something wannabe writer,” a post titled “Wading Through Cultural Waters,” with reflections on the following question: What is the difference between culture, tradition and doctrine?