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At Harvard, as reported in the campus paper, the Harvard Crimson: “Mormons Clarify Beliefs.” Don’t laugh — the way the newspaper business is going, campus papers might be all we have left in a couple of years.

John Mark Reynolds posted “On America, land of cults,” leading off with this provocative statement: “An American cult is what happens when radical individualism meets religion and philosophy.” I was expecting the usual treatment when he got around to the […]

A Disciples of Christ minister with an LDS girlfriend posting at an LDS group blog: “Faith and Logic: Finding and Navigating an Individual Balance.” The short summary: personal religious experience is good, but so is clear thinking; temper your sense […]

No one gets too worked up about witches anymore. They’ve gone mainstream, even in the fairly conservative world of Mormonism. Check out this FMH post and its comments, for example, or this weblog. US Army chaplains now apparently get training […]

This is the long overdue second post on Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson’s How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation. [See the first post.] This post talks about the Mormon view of scripture, with reference to the […]

This is the first of several posts on Blomberg and Robinson’s How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation. The format of the book is its biggest strength — each chapter contains a joint conclusion in which […]

At Summa Theologica, a real treat: discussion of and links to the video of a presentation by Dr. Craig Blomberg relating how he came to collaborate with Dr. Steven Robinson of BYU in their interfaith dialogue book How Wide the […]

Krister Stendahl died earlier this year (hat tip: Lehi’s Library). He was a Swedish scholar and theologian, and also served for a period as the Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm. In LDS circles, he is fondly remembered as the author of […]