Mormon Inquiry

Nothing on the LDS news wire that’s hot, but there’s plenty going on in the world. It’s messy and getting messier. Here are a few thought-provoking links.

  • Is GM the New Amtrak? Everyone seems strangely resigned about the government takeover of GM. I think it means that GM, which was once a very profitable corporation, will never make money again. But it will absorb large amounts of taxpayer money (i.e., my money and your money) for years and years. Wishful thinking is not an exit plan.
  • A gut-wrenching reflection on the Tiller assassination, with blunt thoughts on Bonhoeffer. And forceps. Not for the fainthearted.
  • North Korea. What can one say? The trial of the two US journalists was a sham and the details of their capture are obscure. It’s just shakedown politics North Korea-style. The usual prescription of a speech and media cheerleading won’t solve this one. This could drag on for months.
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