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You read the story and decide for yourself. From the Deseret News, “Missing Mormon convert found in Texas.”

A 19-year-old girl allegedly abducted from her Holladay [near Salt Lake City] home by her Texas parents because she recently converted to the LDS Church has been found at her parents’ house in Texas.

The young lady was aware there might be a problem after informing her parents a week earlier that she had joined the LDS Church. She was so worried she called the police — who gave her good advice: “Detectives told her to lock the door and call 911 if [her father] showed up.” But when her father later knocked on her door, she just let him in. Next thing you know, she’s back in Texas.

The easy observations: Sometimes the cops give good advice. You don’t always have to open your door. Some parents have a hard time letting go. The tougher questions: How does someone joining a different church or denomination (whether the LDS Church or some other one) handle touchy family issues? If you can’t defuse the issue, do you boldly go where no one in your family has presumably gone? Or do you wait and try to bring them around to tolerating (if not supporting) your decision to change your religious affiliation?

Update: Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune story, with additional details: “Detective wants to know: Was Mormon convert kidnapped by miffed parents?

Second update: The wire services have now picked up the story. From UPI: “Did parents kidnap Mormon convert?

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