Mormon Inquiry

At Harvard, as reported in the campus paper, the Harvard Crimson: “Mormons Clarify Beliefs.” Don’t laugh — the way the newspaper business is going, campus papers might be all we have left in a couple of years.

Sounds like it was a pretty tame exchange of questions and answers.

Attendees asked about Mormon attitudes regarding marriages between homosexual couples, marriage between LDS members and non-LDS members. Others questioned why women were not allowed to be on the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, a governing body in the Mormon church hierarchy, and why they are not expected to go on missions to seek converts.

I’m sure the attendees got answers to all their questions. Included among the group of LDS students on the panel was Rachel Esplin, LDS Internet celebrity, whose fame seems to be lasting more than fifteen minutes.

There’s more on the Harvard panel, plus some other “meet the Mormons” stories, in Joel Campbell’s column at the Mormon Times.

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