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Since I’m on the subject of apologetics (see my prior post), here’s a link to a post summarizing a recent book of Christian apologetics, J. P. Moreland’s The God Question: An Invitation to a Life of Meaning. The book is an attempt to respond to anti-Christian arguments of the New Atheists and is directed to what might be termed the open-minded non-believer. Since most of the criticism directed at Christianity comes from secularists, Christian apologetics takes on a “faith versus science” theme — it’s more of a clash of worldviews than a religious debate. In contrast, most of the criticism directed at Mormonism comes from fellow Christians, so most Mormon apologetics defends the reasonableness of Mormon beliefs from biblical and religious attack — it’s more a clash of denominations than a philosophical debate.

I haven’t read the Moreland book yet. My favorite in the broad genre of Christian apologetics is God’s Universe, by Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich. I wrote up short comments on the book here.

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