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I recently ran across this transcript of remarks by Dinesh D’Souza, author of a variety of books, most recently What’s So Great About Christianity. While the New Atheists have become the darlings of the media, you have to dig around to find articulate responses. Here’s a paragraph near the end of D’Souza’s speech, summarizing his view that Western notions of equality and the dignity of human life are grounded in Christian morality.

The eradication of Christianity–and of organized religion in general–would also mean the gradual extinction of the principles of human dignity. Consider human equality. Why do we hold to it? The Christian idea of equality in God’s eyes is undeniably largely responsible. The attempt to ground respect for equality on a purely secular basis ignores the vital contribution by Christianity to its spread. It is folly to believe that it could survive without the continuing aid of religious belief.

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