Monthly Musings

Timothy Shriver
Another beauty Doug. My dad too loved Hatfield. I wish we had more like him now. O how we need ‘em!

Harold F. Pitcairn
What a wonderfully touching piece. There is not much that makes me sit and think anymore in this world of rapid fire information but your article certainly did. How lucky you are to have had a mentor like that. Great article.

Bill Nelson, Jr.
What a great article Doug. Sen. Hatfield was truly a man of principle.

Sager Manuel
A beautiful tribute, Doug. Thank you for sharing it.

Francis Collins, Director of N.I.H.
Thanks for this wonderful remembrance of our fallen hero Mark. What a powerful influence he was on us both.

Steve Reinemund, Chairman and CEO, Pepsi Co.
Thanks for sharing your friendship with The Senator with others…..deep and powerful inspiration!

Richard Moscarello, Bio-Tech Billionaire
I always read what you write with keen interest -this one really spoke to me – maybe not exactly in the way you wrote it – but in its meaning – personal ethics and morals should be considered in everything we do – even if we fail to follow our better instincts all the time we should be listening to those inner voices tell us what really is right. people like Hatfield and Percy – where are they now – it seems our politicians have crossed the Rubicon and there seems to be no going back – lets hope that is wrong.

Jean Case
Great piece, Doug! I found his letter deeply touching. Made me sorry for your loss of such a dear friend. You’ve honored him beautifully.

Rick Stevenson, Film producer
Doug: Thanks for this. Wow. I did not know him personally as you did but he influenced my growth as a Christian nonetheless

Tom Morgan, CEO of a public company
This was really good.

Shelby Coffey, Trustee for Newseum, Former editor, Los Angeles Times; former president, CNN Business News; former executive vice president, ABC News
As usual, very much enjoyed the PAthNorth. The memories of Senator Hartfield were excellent. His faith, matched with his realism, is well-captured. Thanks for sharing your personal talks with him… from Augustine to Barth, you touch a lot of important bases.

Ann Dugan, Founder/Assistant Dean at Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, University of Pittsburgh
Hello Doug, very well said. Thanks for sharing as a person who only knew of him and probably even less about the war, this is truly insightful and helpful to me and my understanding

Michael Zacharia, Co-Director of the PACIS PROJECT in Faith Based Diplomacy
Mark passed on to me the tribute you wrote about Mark Hartfield. It was beautiful and impactful. I also was a huge admirer of the Senator and you expressed so many of my sentiments with great eloquence. You did a wonderful job of honoring a great man and a great God.

Tom Morgan, Chairman & CEO of Baker & Taylor, INC
This was really good.

Susan Hutchison, Executive Director, Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences
Thanks, Doug, I enjoyed reading this and appreciated his letter to you at your time of loss. So much more meaningful than the standard condolence. I visited his office in the Senate 30-plus years ago, and remember he was a Lincoln scholar, too. His politics was from a different era, and I suspect he would still be an iconoclast, but the stakes are different today.

Edward McNair
Much instruction of great value in this!

Mark Sanford, Govenor
Thanks for sending…much appreciated! Hope you are well, and just want to say again how much I appreciated you inviting me to the different activities…really want to make a few!

David d’Ambrumenil, Chairman, Loyds – London
As always it is good to hear from you and your tribute to Mark Hatfield was moving and very true. Doug Coe introduced me to Mark many years ago and he made a deep impression on me then. I only wish that the Republican Party had a few more leaders like him today.